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The One Truth You Must First Accept

The One Truth You Must First Accept

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We’re going to thoroughly discuss how to be successful entrepreneurs in this blog and how to overcome situations by being innovative and creative but before we start there is one harsh truth you must accept upfront:

In Business: You Can Do Everything Right and Still Fail

Why is it that you can do everything right and still fail? It’s because you don’t know what you don’t know. You will do everything right according to your abilities and knowledge within your particular scope at the time being. You don’t know what limitations will arise, what circumstances will come into play or what resources you will need and not have. Time and resources are continuous ticking time bombs.

This is obviously why the Vision, Plan and Foundation are critical to have but even with all of those in place – a startup business is a land mine of unknowns.

If you can accept that you can do everything right and still fail then you will save yourself a lot of agony along the way. This truth exist for one main reason.

For You to Always Give It Your All

Let go and give it all you’ve got…it doesn’t matter if it’s enough or not. Whether you succeed or fail those who go into business know the journey is well worth it – you learn and discover so much about yourself, other people, business and the ways of the world.

The key to the journey is to not give up. Whatever piece you were missing the first time…you’ll have the second time and that will take you further.

When I got my first motorcycle people told me “There are two kinds of riders. Those who have gone down and those on their way down.” I didn’t want to accept that…than I went down and realized it’s a truth every rider must accept.

I’ve always had the mindset that failure isn’t an option…well guess what? I failed at my first business.

When I finally accepted the truth that I can do everything right and still fail – I became a much better, smarter, wiser and successful entrepreneur.

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