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Building a Business if Living Life on Steroids

Building a Business if Living Life on Steroids

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The best way I can think of to explain what building a business is like to someone who has never experienced building a business goes something like this: Combine your most stressful week with your most exciting week and pack it all in into one day…and that is the closes thing you’ve experienced compared to the day in the life of an entrepreneur.

When you ask the majority of entrepreneurs “What have you been up to?” You get a blank stare back. Same if you ask an entrepreneur “ What do you need to get done?” You’ll also get a blank stare. Why? There is entirely too much they’ve been up to and that they have to do to even fathom narrowing it down and be able to answer!

The vast majority of people have rather simple, safe and predictable lifestyles. Their lives involve school, work, marriage, children, family, yearly vacations and basic, but personalized desires for success and accomplishment.

Generally speaking, the lives of most people day in and day out is much of the same with minor concerns and problems. The pace of life is regulated – the amount of unknowns, and level of day-to-day risk is minimal.

Our entrepreneurs on the other hand are emerged in risk, unknowns and the fast pace rhythm of having to get things done. The environment they operate in is unstable and a day is filled with multiple highs and lows. Work days are 12-16 hours and the week starts but never seems to end.

Entrepreneurs wear multiple hats at all times and they solve more problems and crisis in one day then what most people face over the period of a few weeks.

Entrepreneurs who lead teams and answer to people (a board) are carrying the responsibilities of not just personal success and accomplishment but that one an entire organization.

In the building phase of the business the emotions, the stress, the decisions, the pressure, and the responsibilities are intense; they are also all condensed in a period of time that makes or breaks the entrepreneur and the business.

When you decide to start a business – you’re deciding to put your arm out and inject a serious dose of steroids in your life. All things considered and speaking as an entrepreneur it’s pretty darn awesome…there is never a boring moment.

By the way, this is the main reason why you need a solid foundation before you go into business…you’ll need it.

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