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Pressed Against a Deadline – Tangled in Loose Ends

Pressed Against a Deadline – Tangled in Loose Ends

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Who wants to be in my shoes? For the last few weeks I’ve been working my eight hour a day job that has taken me on the road to San Antonio, New York, Philadelphia and next week to New Orleans, while managing to move from my home of four plus years to a room I’m now renting. In the midst of that, I’ve been working with three designers to create two new sites, two new blogs and the branding for a new company. I’ve been seeking an independent sales rep and supervising the development of one of the new site. And I had the emotional ordeal of giving away Mr. Boogey, my pet rabbit. To pay for everything I’ve been juggling my finances.

All to meet the deadline looming thirteen days from now, the scheduled launch date of August 17th. I’m most definitely tangled in loose ends.

How is it all going to come together?? I’m not entirely sure yet. A few folks are on the hook for their deliverables and I’m going to find out how many more hoops I can jump through.

I’m not kidding when I say that when I look back at the past few weeks I wonder how it is I didn’t end up crawled up in the fetal position in the corner somewhere. Pretty sure I put on a few extra pounds in the process though…

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It wasn’t bad planning that got me in this situation – but rather taking on a sh*t load. Why did I take on a sh*t load? I want to get back to being a full time entrepreneur as fast as humanely possible and in order to do that I need to generate income and get back into fund raising ASAP. All you have to do is read yesterday’s post to know how hungry I am to finally meet my entrepreneurial success.

So it might have seen like I’ve been quiet the last few months…but you’ll soon see that appearances can be really deceiving.

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