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The Difficulties of Getting Stuff Done

Since having the most expensive breakfast of my life at the W in New Orleans this morning I’ve been running around trying to accomplish various things for my two current jobs (the Marine Corps and my startup.)

Burning the candle from both ends is really wearing me out. It would be one thing to work a regular job, but it’s a whole other thing to be working a job that takes me on the road and requires a lot of coordinating.

As you know from reading the last few blog posts I’ve written lately, I’m jumping through hoops to get two sites online and a new company started. Well one site is on track and on Saturday I had lunch with someone interested in working the independent sales position I’ve been looking to fill – but, we’ll get back to that.

One of the biggest challenges in the last two weeks has been with the company I hired to get the Yut Media site and blog done. Well last Wednesday, because of family issues, the company in question dropped my project all together. Leaving me in a jam to find someone else to wrap up the project and still make the deadline. It wouldn’t be that big of a deal except for the fact that I was jumping through hoops at work trying to get everything organized for the conference I’m currently in New Orleans to attend.

I managed to link up with another company to get a quote to finish the project – the same company who designed the Tickets with a Twist site. Only really annoying part of working with this company is that they are in Croatia and PayPal DOES NOT service Croatia. To get payment to them I have to use Western Union.

So by the time we settled on a quote for what needed to be done; I was already on my way to New Orleans. I got up at 3:45am yesterday morning to catch a 6am flight to get here.

Now, pause for a second. In the mean time, on Saturday I had lunch with an interested party in the independent sales position for Tickets with a Twist. The lunch meeting went well and I was going to get info back to him when I got home on Saturday…except when I got back my email wasn’t working.

Yesterday, once I got to New Orleans, the running around began. We had to get a booth setup and I needed velcro which had me running around town to find. I also started trying to find a Western Union location. Found one but their system was down.

Than the Aide to General Williams called me to confirm he was attending the award ceremony on Friday and would be staying overnight…which meant I needed to find the General and his Aide each a room for Friday night. I also needed to arrange with the conference people a VIP seat for the banquet for the General.

I realized I forgot my cover for my uniform and I also forgot to forward my work emails ( email account). This meant I needed to contact everyone to give them an alternative way to contact me.

Today I got multiple other calls for things I need to workout and I have been unable to get an email out to the General’s Aide with the information she requested – I ended up typing all the info on my BlackBerry because for some reason that’s making it through to her.

I still needed to get the Western Union money out so that we might miraculously still be able to get Yut Media site and blog online on time. Since I’m not home in Virginia the tracking of a new location to send money from began. I looked up Western Union locations online and one was at the Harrah’s Casino which is right across the street from where I’m staying.

I went there but they only receive money…can’t send money out. They did however give me other locations to go check out, so I started wondering Canal St to find them. I went to two different stores…both of which only accepted cash and were not the best of places to be in. Walking back to the hotel it annoyed me that I’m here in New Orleans and not home…where it would be easier to do this simple task.

Finally, I came back to the hotel and tried my luck sending the money online…it has failed all other times I’ve previously tried but I gave it another go. It took a call to my bank and a call to Western Union but I was able to get the money to where it needed to go.

Now I need to head to the convention center and ensure everything is running smoothly over there. Not sure what awaits me and I’m not looking forward to finding out. Did I mention I need to get a speech ready because I’m one of the speaker’s for the Youth Luncheon on Thursday?

I have to make sure a Gunny Sergeant is picked up from the airport today, the General’s room is reserved and find a better vehicle to go pick him up with on Friday. I have the Corporal from his office finding out for me exactly where to pick him up and what time.

I hope things start coming together with less hassles. Just having email working properly would be a huge step in the right direction.