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Thinking Through Execution: A Mental Run Down

Last night I was sitting at my computer with a plethora of thoughts rapidly floating in and out of my mind while I stared at my computer screen. I was immobilized and became unproductive. I decided to turn off my computer, turn on some classical music and think through all the things that need to be executed in the next week.

I’m a strong believer in the power of visualization exercises to attract the outcomes you seek. However, what I did last night was more of a mental run through of all the things that need to be done to properly execute the launch of Yut Media and Tickets with a Twist.

The mental run down is like a rehearsal. No detail is left unturn. I close my eyes and go through soup to nuts over the checklist and desired flow. The rehearsal is great to anticipate potential short comings, issues, and concerns.

On a holistic level – the mental run down will trigger my intuition if something doesn’t feel right. It also allows me to flag things I need to either stew on some more to receive an answer or attract the right people or thing I will need.

It’s an amazing process that proves our ability to create our realities and the massive capabilities of the mind to manage multiple tasks at various levels.

I currently have quite a few things brewing at in the back of my mind and a few requests out to the powers that be for potential deliverables. I’m on the alert, prepared and paying attention to everything that’s happening since I’ve been setting up the playing field.

Today I’ll scrub the todo lists, pass along further guidance to key people I’m counting on and engage more in the must-do-today items. But with that being said, I won’t go to sleep without doing another run down and also visualizing the sweet outcomes I aim to achieve.