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Entrepreneurial Success Resides in your People

What a difference a year makes! Yesterday I was reading my journal and recollecting what was happening in my life a year ago. The biggest thing that was happening was my quest to raise money.

Oddly enough – that’s rapidly becoming my biggest quest again. I was working on the new investor deck yesterday and there was one huge glaring difference in the write-ups I was doing.

Last year, the money was needed mostly for development. We had a development team that was about to start development, but we had no product. Just a concept on paper.

This year, the seed round is needed to prove the concept in DC, VA and MD. The money is mostly for sales, marketing and PR.

Last year I was recruiting developers. This year I’m recruiting sales, marketing and PR people. It’s really awesome to actually have a product that’s ready to serve it’s intended purpose and make money.

I was unsuccessful last year raising money so ALL the development was done bootstrapping…and this time, although I think my odds are much greater to raise the seed round I need; I’m bracing and preparing to do all the marketing, sales and PR through a grass root approach. Even if we raise the money – a grass root approach will still be implemented.

A month or so ago Doug told me I’d have to “do my thing and get people to buy-in to my vision, again.” I sneered when he said that. I didn’t know if I had it in me to be able to do that again. Well, this last week has been completely rejuvenating!

I’ve been talking to a few marketing, sales and PR folks and I’m finding myself totally immersed back into the grand vision and plan. And just like I was blessed to find some amazing developers last year; I’m coming across some splendid marketing, sales and PR people right now.

Again, since we have a product now, when I talk to the marketing, sales and PR people the talk is about immediate action and implementation. Today, I’m brainstorming the initial marketing, sales and PR plan so I can properly assign tasks.

We’re picking up some entirely new momentum. I consider myself having been rather successful to date bootstrapping and taking on a grass root approach because of a strong vision, will to achieve, perseverance and hard work, oh and one other factor: Amazing People.

People are everything to the success of an organization. Most valuable resource = PEOPLE. That’s why I know that money or no money – we’re moving on the proof of concept.