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What am I Doing at Blog World Expo?!?

I believe I signed up for BlogWorld Expo back in early July; at the time, I had my set of reasons for wanting to attend…as a matter of fact, I registered with Yut Media, Inc. and not WhyGoSolo. I had anticipated that by the time I attended Blog World I would be heavily involved on the Yut Media Blog and be ready to take my stand and voice what I was aiming to accomplish with my blogging and social media platforms. That didn’t happen; I have one post from August 20th but I haven’t blogged there since. It’s the entrepreneurial thing – I got really busy with Tickets with a Twist.

On Saturday (first day of the conference for me) I found myself getting very aggravated. My time (and money) are extremely precious to me, so anytime I sense I’m wasting either one or that I could be doing something better I start to get frustrated. Four days of time off from the day job would have been huge if applied towards making progress on Tickets with a Twist.

The more I got frustrated and disappointed in how things were turning out, the more obvious it became that I needed to answer two questions for myself: “What am I doing at BlogWorld Expo?” and “What will make being here worth it?”

@Dayngr answered the question with “Why meeting all the great people of course!”

It was definitely my #1 reason for being there: make contacts, make contacts and make contacts. Problem is that just meeting people isn’t enough. It must be quality contacts that will bear fruits and be helpful towards what I’m working to achieve (although that might sound like a selfish statement – that’s all I have the time for.)

On Sunday, I attended a session called Entrepreneurship for Artists lead by Larry Chiang. As you can imagine the title was a huge attention gainer for me. On the panel were Pete Cashmore from Mashable and Bambi Francisco from – didn’t quite get why. The session ended up taking a turn that I didn’t expect but the saving grace were the few folks attending the session. One person in particular was Michael Paige. Michael is an Indie artist.

After the session, I had a few good conversations with Michael. It looks like Michael and I are going to be doing some work together that I believe will kick off what I’m imagining will generate what I’m looking for and assist Michael achieve his goals.

I met a few other good people at BlogWorld Expo, caught up with some folks I hadn’t seen in a while and learned a thing or two about SEO. However, I did not maximize my time or opportunities there. Read about what I could have done better and how that can help you prepare for the conferences you attend in my next post!