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What I Won’t be Telling my Dad

I suppose he might find out because he used to read the WhyGoSolo blog…I’m not sure if he has found this blog or not.

At any rate, what I won’t be telling my dad or what I’m in no rush to tell him, is that on November 1st , I will no longer have a “secure” job.

My last day (for now) of wearing the Marine Corps uniform ends this Friday, October 31st. I’m in no rush to tell him because I know he’ll start worrying.

Seriously, how many people give up a good, steady paycheck during a recession!?!? You know at least one – ME.

In May (six months ago) when I took a job back in the Marine Corps – all I had going on was WhyGoSolo. We were in a stalemate and things weren’t going so well. I was burned out on it, so I wasn’t able to be innovative and think of the best next actions to take. I was also under extreme financial stress.

Once I got some new footing under me – I was able to re-engage. We launched Tickets with a Twist and Yut Media, Inc. came alive!

The problem now is that only being able to work on Tickets with a Twist, Yut Media and WhyGoSolo 2-3 hours every other day is making me extremely unhappy. It’s not enough time to get the sites off the ground.

I told my boss a while back that I wouldn’t renew my orders pass October 31st but I had initially lined up another billet for the month of November. However, that job fell through. At first, I was a wreck and I started worrying and stressing about what I would do. I got a hold of my fears and decided this was a sign.

A sign that it was time for me to give Yut Media a full time go – at least for a few weeks and see what happens.

Instead of 2-3 hours, I can give it 14-16 hours a day. I’m excited about it and I look forward to being back in the entrepreneurial life full time.

But here’s the biggest MUST DO in the next few weeks: MAKE MONEY. I’m being honest with myself…unless I can make money, I don’t have a business. These next few weeks are to test whether or not I really have a viable business.