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Lessons: Immediate Use and Apply Later

Lessons: Immediate Use and Apply Later

I sent out a tweet this morning that read: I learned some valuable and costly lessons yesterday about live streaming music. Also learned a few other things to stew on

SkinBintin replied: @AnnBernard – what were the valuable, and costly, lessons learnt?

I replied to SkinBintin after giving some thoughts on my preparedness to really speak about the lessons that I learned last night:

@SkinBintin Debating doing a blog post but I normally wait to share lessons till I’ve found a better implementation based on the lessons

@SkinBintin A lesson is worthless, unless it leads to a future success

To which PenguinSix replied @AnnBernard Read the Steve Jobs Stanford Speech (calligraphy/fonts). You never really know though when a lesson might lead to a success.

PenguinSix got me further thinking about lessons.

Fear of Repeats

I take lessons I learn in all aspects of my life extremely seriously because if there’s one thing I know, it’s this – Whatever you don’t learn is doomed to be repeated.

It’s one predictable thing about life. You either learn or you do a repeat. The repeat is normally more “severe”. Be it more costly (dollars and/or time), more painful and more drastic. That’s because if we don’t learn the first time; we need a larger dose and grandeur demonstration to teach us.

So what I do with each lesson I learn is take careful notes literally, mentally and figuratively to embed the lesson into my DNA.

Immediate Use Lessons

The easiest lessons to avoid repeating are the “Immediate Use Lessons.” The immediate use lessons are the obvious “Wow, I’m not going to do this again.” And the things that happen that leave you saying: “I really could have done this better” – “Not sure that was good, worth it or the best.”

“Immediate Use Lessons” require some thinking and stewing on them to find better options and solutions. Options and solutions that can be immediately applied if and when the situation arises again.

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Apply Later Lessons

The real tough lessons are the “Apply Later Lessons.” That’s because those lessons are tied to, embed in and connect to default behaviors, natural tendencies, automatic reactions and well, the core of who you are.

“Apply Later Lessons” require learning new behaviors, actions and tendencies. They require a reprogramming of who you are to be effective (put into action). If you can’t make the change after the lesson is learn that will modify the cause (and effect) than you will act and be the same way – therefore, recreate the same outcome if the same situation arises again.

It’s important to spend serious time on the “Apply Later Lessons” so they are truly learned. Keep them fresh in your mind so that if a lot of time elapses (could be years) you can recall the lesson, the change you made, when put into a similar situation.

I personally thoroughly log and journal my “Apply Later Lessons” and talk through them with a good friend.

Yesterday’s lessons were a mix of “Immediate Use and Apply Later Lessons.” Since I haven’t journaled them yet – I’m going to go do that now.

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