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Moving Into a New Reality

Moving Into a New Reality

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I’ve been in the Northern Virgina/DC area now for what will be five years this upcoming February and that’s entirely too long for me to be in one place…particularly a place I never wanted to come to in the first place.

I’m extremely excited about my forth coming move to New Orleans – me, in the Big Easy!! I’ve been to New Orleans on TAD trips twice. Once before Katrina and the second time was this last summer. I don’t know much at all about New Orleans, but thinking about her conjures plenty of colorful thoughts. I find her to be a charming city with character, personality and magic.

New Orleans isn’t my destination though…I feel it in my bones and in my gut – she’s the doorway to where I’m going.  She is one of my next teachers. She will teach me about life balance, fun, success and allow for love to prosper.

Being in DC has tested my perseverance, my will and my patience. DC has been a harsh and tough teacher. DC hardened me, she made me resentful, angry, and frustrated.

My faith and my beliefs have taken beatings after beatings however, I leave with my faith in all that I believe in at an all time high. I survived the hell I elected to live in.

We create our realities and we live in the reality we choose for ourselves. A long time ago I associated living in the DC area to misery, pain and struggling. Hence why it’s all I got. I never felt like I belonged here either. Our souls know; they know where they belong and can prosper and where they feel out of place.

Feel as I may about DC, I don’t harbor any regrets. Regrets serve no purpose and add zero value.

The part of the journey that was my five years here were for the good of the whole, for the good of what is unfolding as the story of my life.

I’m not entirely certain of all the things that await me in New Orleans, but I have a solid idea of what they are since I am the creator of my reality. I have been spending a good deal of time (through meditation, reflection, writing, and praying) into establishing what my new reality will be.

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My New Reality

I am fully acknowledging who I am, which will not be lost in the sharing of who I am with someone; for in my new reality I’m no longer alone. My new reality starts out with a gorgeous, amazing and wonderful man in it. A man who loves and cherishes me – feelings and emotions I return in kind. I have finally learned to embrace love and to share my life with someone – I have realized having someone in my life isn’t a deterrent towards making my dreams happen, but rather an agent for making them happen.

I also embrace fun, joy, happiness and success. My success is built upon enjoying everyday and making sure I’m having fun. The work load that awaits me will be inspiring, motivating and energizing. I will be putting all the pieces of the puzzle together. Many doors of opportunity will open up; unveiling the things I’ve been asking for. I will not hesitate to step through them…I am worthy and deserving.

There are no coincidences…I am moving to the BIG EASY because I am ready for life and my success to be EASY. I’m phasing from paying my dues through hardship to collecting my prizes with ease!!

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