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My Adventure in the Big Easy

I’ve been in the Big Easy for a week and so far, I absolutely love it!  It’s actually my first time living in a city and New Orleans is a good city to be starting the city life in.

The highlight thus far is the amazing condo I found in the French Quarter.  I decided when I took the orders to come here that I would most likely live in the French Quarter and wanted a place with a patio.  When I walked into this condo, I knew I was home. It’s a one bedroom, 2 baths, fully furnished condo…like I mentioned, it’s got a patio, washer and dryer, and a huge Jacuzzi bathtub in the master bathroom.  The bedroom is a loft type master bedroom up the stairs.  It’s not like any place I’ve ever lived before, but exactly like a place I always want to live in.  I’ll upload videos and pictures of the place once I get the internet connected.

I’ve never lived in a posh way…never lived in a; I’m single, beautiful, young, successful, sexy and on top of the world way.  I want the rest of my life to be like this (except perhaps for the single part) so it’s high time to start living it.  Being here affords me the opportunity to do that and honestly, if you’re going to spend six months in New Orleans…you got to make it worthwhile.

It hit me a few months ago how conservative my life has been.  My ambitions, dreams and desires are filled with expensive, luxurious, eccentric, fast paced and good time type of feelings and essences, but I haven’t been living along those lines at all.  I’ve been playing the when game…when this happens, when I have this, when, when, when is when I’ll do a, b, c and d.  No more. The Now is When.

I moved in to my new place on Saturday.  It was a warm sunny day.  Once I was moved in, I sat on my patio to bask in the sun…people walked on by and we exchanged greetings.  I’m going to learn how to make homemade lemonade so I can sit out with my laptop, a fresh glass to lemonade or ice tea and write the business plan that will make me millions.

Saturday evening, a few friends came over with wine, food, a king’s cake and house warming gifts.  We ate, they expressed their envy for my wonderful pad and we enjoyed a wonderful evening.

The pitfall of my fabulous condo in the French Quarter is not having a designated parking space.  I already earned myself a parking ticket on Sunday for being less than 4 ft from the intersection.  I’m planning on getting a bike since I live only a couple of miles from where I work, and obviously being in the French Quarter, I’m in walking distance to anything I might need.  The additional exercise will do me good since there is so much delicious food to be had in New Orleans.

Speaking of exercise…I did a workout at the New Orleans Athletic Club this past weekend.  Talk about non-traditional.  I’ve been in many gyms, but none like this one.  I’m rather particular about my workouts and the gyms that I like.  I have to admit I like large and modern gyms which NOAC is not.  Well, alright, NOAC is large but it’s antique.  It seems great for cardio – not so much for weight training.  I have a few more visits on my visitor’s pass; I’ll check it out a few more times before I decide.  Part of the journey of being here is to have new experiences; perhaps I can vary my gym experience as well.

Tomorrow my internet is getting turned on and I go back to work.  Next blog post: “Getting Back Into My Entrepreneurial Endeavors”