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The New Job in the Big Easy

Until I can close a seed round I have to maintain a day job.  I thought when I left my last billet (job) that it would finally be it, but I came to realize a few things which required me to look into a steady paycheck option again.

When I started looking for another opportunity in the Marine Corps – the Marine Corps provides me ideal work, pay and benefits.  For 6 months at a time, I get to juggle being a Marine Officer and entrepreneur.  Anyway, when I was looking for a new opportunity, a very good friend sent me information about an opening at Marine Forces Reserve in New Orleans.

I applied for the position and got it!  I checked-in to MarForRes 4 days ago and so far so good!!  I am truly already enjoying and loving New Orleans.  On the Marine Corps side of things…MarForRes is a weird animal, but from my point of view; it’s much better than Quantico.  I’ve been running into Marines I know and meeting new ones.

I have my own office (no cubicle) and my job is that of a Task Order Manager.  I’m here to provide oversight into a contract that involves all the contractors that Marine Forces Reserve hire.  I’m here to bring order, standardization, ensure compliance and verify the government is getting what it should be getting.

It’s not in the social media alley, but I’ve already told the Public Affairs Office that I would offer them help with Blogger X.  They were really happy to know my background so I look forward to working my magic there.

Currently I’m staying in the Navy barracks on the West Bank and working on the East Bank.  This morning I took the Navy ran ferry across the Mississippi river.  The sun was raising, the weather was gorgeous and I really appreciated the uniqueness of my commute.

I found an amazing condo in the French Quarter…unfortunately, I’m facing some issues right now with closing the lease, so I’ll wait till I know it’s mine to really talk about it.

I’m going to do some exploring this weekend and start looking into the New Orleans tech/startup scene.  I’m also going to get back into blogging over at the Yut Media blog.  I’m sure I’ll be able to find some fabulous entertainers to interview and talk social media with.