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Setting Personal Physical Goals

Setting Personal Physical Goals

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The initial move to New Orleans was a big whirlwind….I did after all get to New Orleans just in time for Mardi Gras. The first few weeks were all about getting settled in, adventuring out to get to know my new city, making friends, learning my new job and fully enjoying myself. The whole time this was happening, I kept telling myself that once I was settled in…I would get back to business. Getting settled in was followed by going to SXSW. For sure, going to SXSW was going to get me back into the groove. It sorta kinda did…and not really.

As much as I’m frustrated and bothered by my current stalemate state, nothing I’m doing is getting me out of it. At the same time, I need SOMETHING to focus on because now that I’m settled in…I’m getting antsy and bored. I work from 7:30am to 4:30pm, by 5pm I’m home. I have a good 4-5 hours a night that needs to be put to good use. I have no kids, no significant other…no other responsibilities than myself. (I know that for some it’s a completely foreign concept to have that much time to yourself)

Having a lot of time to yourself is a blessing and a curse. It gives you time to think about entirely too much stuff; to include what’s missing in your life, your short comings, areas of improvement, and the big one – The Meaning of Life.

Options Of How to Spend My Time

Finding Mr. Right – Failed

I’ll admit that I joined about a week after getting to New Orleans. I figured it would be a good way to 1) meet new people and 2) potentially find Mr. Right. It turned out to be quite a waste of money and a source of frustration. Just because I have time to spare…doesn’t mean that I want to waste it. Online dating in my opinion is a huge waste of time, hence why I started WhyGoSolo in the first place. Anyway, after a few weeks of it I’ve basically given up on it.

Going Back School – Good in Theory

I really, really, really ought to look into taking some college courses. I received a Meritorious Commission in the Marine Corps…basically what that means is that I still don’t have my undergraduate degree. I have the G.I. Bill so I should put it to good use and take some classes. I haven’t committed to doing that because I believe that once I get back into the business groove being in school will get in the way and be the first thing I stop doing; therefore, why start something I know I will quit?

Volunteering – Yes, I Can

I volunteered once at the New Orleans Mission and unfortunately that left me with a bad feeling of the place. Too long a story to get into. Since one of the Marines in my office has started volunteering there regularly; I’m going to go ahead and give it another try.

I have taken the mentor course for Each One Save One and I’m waiting to hear back from them and be appointed a mentee to work with…the school year will be ending soon so I hope they get back with me before it does.

Reading and Writing – Simply Not Happening

Two of my favorite things to do are reading and writing. I want to publish a book. So why not start writing?? Same reason I can’t get back into the business – I just can’t seem to do it.

Losing Weight & Training for Triathlons and Adventure Racing – Yes, I am

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When my mind doesn’t want to be pushed…I always have my body I can push. It’s exactly what I’ve taken to doing. When I’m in a rut, it seems that physically challenging myself is my only saving grace.

It boiled down to either focusing on finally doing a bodybuilding competition or training to race. Since I love training but I hate dieting – I decided that doing some races makes more sense.

I did the 10K Crescent City Classic last Saturday and I’m signed up for the 5K Run Forrest Run April 26th and I have to take the Marine Corps physical fitness test (PFT) May 12th. By May 12th my goal is to have lost 5 pounds and run 7:45 minute miles (for 3 miles).

I signed up on the Gulf Coast Adventure website to find some teammates and it looks like a team has found me – meaning I’ll do my first adventure race in July in Baton Rouge. Next, I’m going to sign-up for the CajunMan Triathlon (Sprint) happening in September when the registration opens…I’ll be keeping myself busy and healthy.

My immediate goal is to improve my run time and ensure I lose at least 1 pound a week to be 140 by May 12th.

Boredom is Setting In – Shift Will Happen

I can’t stay bored for long and I will soon need more than just pushing my physical limits…when I do, my brain will kick back in. At some point, I will learn to balance it all.

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