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Another Year Older – Am I Any Closer?!?

Another Year Older – Am I Any Closer?!?

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I remember the year my step mother turned 33; she called it “The Age of Christ”.  Apparently Jesus Christ was 33 (and a half) when he was crucified…although that can’t be determined with certainty. Now, it’s my turn…I will be turning 33 next week.

A year older and it’s that time for some deep evaluation of where my life is, has been and where I keep want it to go.

Back in School After 15 Years

I once made the goal of having my college degree before I turned 25 after I joined the Marine Corps.  It should have been an attainable goal, except I wanted other things more badly. Eventually, I decided school wasn’t for me but low and behold…I started school last week at The University of New Orleans (UNO).

I wasn’t going to admit it to anyone…more specifically, what I mean by that is, I wasn’t going to admit it online to everyone. I’m not ashamed I’m back in school; I just don’t want anyone to think it’s deterring me from what I want to achieve.  I joke that going back to school is the ultimate failure as an entrepreneur since no self-respected entrepreneur needs the help of conventional education to amount to something.

I am truly in school to get an education; I’m not in school to get a degree. A degree is never going to come in handy for me but knowledge definitely will.  I’m enjoying being in a scholarly environment – my brain is being treated to a new blissful state but school is hardly the only demand on my brain or self. (I’ll write much more about my experiences in school)

Part-Time Consultant Full Time Entrepreneur

Besides being a full time student, I’m working part-time as a Consultant in order to pay the bills on CivDiv – a new job board for veterans set to be released next week.  I’m also actively working on my own endeavor; The Loop of Confidence.

In a way, I’m in a much better place this year because for the most part; I’m only doing the things I want to be doing and I have freedom to set my schedule. Remember, last year I was working at Marine Forces Reserve…I was back in uniform and not too happy about it. The plus side of last year compared to this year – I had money. For the second time in my life, I’m completely broke. However, for the first time in my life; I’m setting my schedule and making enough money to cover all of my basic needs.

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Overall, I need to be happy with where I am.  Rephrasing: I am happy with where I am when I don’t compare it to where I expected to be and want to be. Clearly I hate being broke but I feel blessed to have the freedom I have and the ability to at least pay the rent, internet, cellular bill and my truck insurance.

Where I Want to Be by Next Year

I want to build on the foundation I currently have established.  Use the freedom of my schedule and put in the hard work in developing The Loop of Confidence into a viable business.  By my birthday next year, I want to be supporting myself and enjoying financial rewards of a growing business while enjoying the scholarly stimulation of school.  I don’t want to be doing anymore consultant work. I have already begun implementing the plan for making that happen…so I have a bit of head start!!

I’ll be blogging my progress, updates and thoughts as regularly as I can.

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