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Reaching My Full Potential

Reaching My Full Potential

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Being in school has brought to the forefront once more the vast ocean of interests and potential I am swimming in.  There are a few major reasons why I didn’t go to college right out of school. For one, I wanted to leave home as fast as I could and have my independence.  Second, I had no idea what I really wanted to major in/be.  I was discouraged at an early age from pursuing writing. Third, I didn’t want to find myself surrounded by the same type of people I was in High School with.  I couldn’t stand the clicks, drama and immaturity so it was easy for me to fall in love with the Marine Corps because it offered me an opportunity to be around people ready to take on challenges and responsibilities, and a chance to travel and have adventures.

My other main problem with answering the question: What do I want to be? Has always been complicated by my ability to learn and comprehend just about anything and my ability to be passionate and excited about just about anything. But even all of that has always been compounded with the fact that I get bored relatively easily if not continuously challenged or learning.

Having started four companies and having failed in one way or another with three and working now nurturing another so it can grow – I definitely have found many of the things I’ve been needing through being an entrepreneur but it still isn’t enough. Although the entrepreneurial process is creative in nature – it doesn’t fulfill this other side of me that is filled with creativity that’s ready to burst.  I have so much I want to express.  I keep looking for the right medium to express it.

With all that being said, I certainly have not come even close to reaching my potential because I have yet to actually accomplish anything.  I have done plenty but have accomplished nothing.

What is my Potential?

I honestly believe my true and full potential is being able to change the world or at least a chunk of people within the world we live in. The desire that burns at the core of my being is to have a big positive impact.  To be a catalyst to help people wake up.

Ironically, when I mixed that burning desire with my first business I had some serious realizations about the world of business and myself and eventually everything crashed and burned. I took a very different approach with my second business but it also eventually crashed and burned, however I walked away even more realizations about myself and business. The third attempt was short lived, off mark and for the wrong reasons – it ended quickly. The fourth attempt has all the pieces it needs but the jury hasn’t even begun deliberating because it’s too early to tell.

Divine Intervention

I believe in reincarnation and ever since I was little I’ve said “This is my last time”; meaning this is my last time to have to come back to earth in the human form. I don’t want to go too deep into this but lets just say that that statement has loaded up my life with serious adversity and challenges. It’s an unfortunate fact we grow faster through adversity…hence, “What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger” and by stronger the saying also means wiser, and better.

Dreams are meant to push us and to lead us to be more than we can ever imagine ourselves to be.  What you won’t do for yourself – you will do in the pursuit of your dreams. We are obviously here to ultimately discover and follow our dreams because if we can live our lives in betterment of ourselves we are doing great things to make the earth a better place. Once we give up on our dreams we end this cycle.

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My dream…my yearning to reach my full potential is beyond the slow progress my life has had so far. It’s shocking to say that considering what a crazy roller coaster ride my life has been but if I am to reach my full potential; I need some divine intervention so things start moving forward in high gear.

Constant hardship and no progress leads to regression.

I’m very happy to be in school and be stimulating my brain in new and exciting creative ways because I was beginning to regress. My full potential will not be reached only through my entrepreneurial endeavors but also in combination with my creativity, which so far, I have not explored as much as I should have.

I have been blessed with so many gifts and abilities.  I have yet fully master them or been able to properly apply them correctly to start accomplishing the things that are part of reaching my full potential. May that all change now!!

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