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My Entrepreneurial Full Circle (IV)

After failing to be part of changing the way people made connections from online to offline interaction; I decided to really pull-in the reins on my ambitions and work on something more manageable and something that would help a city that had helped me recover from my wounds and partner me up in business with my fiancee. Be Fit NOLA was created to help raise health and fitness awareness in New Orleans…it picked-up some momentum but came to an end pretty quickly; although the site is still up  It turned out to not be what was best for  me, Aaron or my relationship with Aaron.

The end of Be Fit NOLA left me empty handed with nothing to focus my energies on and nothing to call my own and build. That’s the worst “place”/situation for me to be in and I went through some dark times again. I was also getting financially strapped again and felt totally lost. The answer came to me as I looked back at everything I had done and tried to do; the lessons I had learned…what my priorities were and what was important to me.

This is when I got re-acquainted with the Loop of Confidence.  I first thought of the Loop of Confidence while I was life coaching but I didn’t pursue it then.  As you read, I was focused on and going in a different direction. I came back to The Loop of Confidence because ultimately what is important to me is helping people.  My life has been filled with so much adversity, pain and challenges it’s got to be for a reason and the best reason I can think of…is for me to help other people get through their own adversity, pain and challenges.

The biggest thing I learned about business is that to best way to be successful in business you must leverage what you know.  I know about perseverance, facing fears, and particularly about the importance of having impeccable self-confidence (and how to get it).  That is why I’m turning that into the Loop of Confidence and being a motivational speaker. This is the full circle; I’ve come back to what somewhere in my gut knew I should have done in 2005 but didn’t know how.

Additionally, at the same time I decided to pursue developing the concept the Loop of Confidence again; I also decided to go back to school and get a psychology degree. Although I find credentials completely unnecessary; they do go a long way with people and are a big part of establishing credibility. Plus, with the 9/11 GI BILL I get to get paid to go to school and that is a huge blessing for me right now.

The plan in 2011 is to continue to chip away at getting my degree and growing The Loop of Confidence and getting motivational speaking gigs. I’d love to reach the point in 2011 where I bring on a few other people on-board to also become Loop of Confidence instructors.  Building a reliable, energetic and motivated team is very important to me.  I also want to get my book written on The Loop of Confidence and published.  And finally, there are other programs I’d like to develop to compliment The Loop of Confidence to include teaching parents how to help their children create their own Loop of Confidence at a young age.

Needless to say I will not be bored in 2011 and I definitely plan on finally being successful!!