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When Making a Plan is An Option

When Making a Plan is An Option

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For the last few years, I haven’t made many plans.  It’s part of being an entrepreneur…plans are not really part of the equation because it’s important to stay open to opportunities and options.  Not being attached to a solid plan helps keep the creative juices flowing which is particularly important as shit happens and things come up. Nothing ever goes as planned in a startup, anyway.

On the other hand, when it comes to school it’s pretty important to have a plan otherwise you can’t meet deadlines or be prepared with the information and things you need. It so happens, I’m finding myself not only embracing but being motivated by the whole concept of having a plan. Now, don’t get me wrong; I’m still very much straddling the fence of school and my entrepreneurial endeavors but getting my degree is part of the bigger entrepreneurial and life picture. Having a Masters in Psychology adds a credibility layer to my plans for The Loop of Confidence.

So I’m working on creating a 1.5 and 4 year plan.  It’s scary to think I’ll be 38 in 4 years…

My plan requires me to really go balls to the walls with school and there’s really no room in there for mistakes or for something to go wrong – things will have to line up perfectly in order for me to meet my first goal which solidifies the need for a solid plan.

Having a solid plan is a bit like having tunnel vision and putting up the blinders.  Until I began pursuing my entrepreneurial endeavors I was a person with serious tunnel vision.  Whatever I was focused on accomplishing; it was all I saw and paid attention to. Having a solid plan in a structured environment (like school or the Marine Corps) leads to success.  And I have been very successful in structured environment.

However, in business, having a solid plan and extreme focus is not the answer to guaranteed success (there are no answers to guaranteed success in business). This is probably why I’m excited about needing and making a plan. It means reaching and accomplishing goals.

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I have a business plan that also covers the 1.5 to 4 year span of my school plan but I can’t solidify this plan or expect it to pan out as planned.  All I can do is set goals and expectations – work very hard on making them happen and quite frankly…start praying. I just don’t have the same level of control on that plan.

This plan and focus I’m injecting into my life also requires more fiscal responsibility. After losing everything, I’ve mostly been flying off the seeds of my pants to make ends meet.  Investing whatever money I could into whatever endeavor I was working on.  Now, I need to start saving again and be more structured to be able to meet academic goals.

My personality thrives when subjected to intense plans…it’s all about making it happen at all cost.

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