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The Goal of Competing in Women’s Physique

The Goal of Competing in Women’s Physique

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My blogging has been sporadic at best but I’m hoping to start changing that…both on this blog and on The Loop of Confidence site.  My entrepreneurial journey had been ongoing…I just haven’t been talking (blogging) about it anymore and I know I need to.  I will also start including blog posts about my journey to my first NPC Show.  I’m a multi-dimensional individual so expect my blog posts to go back to running the full gambit.

On the Menu for The First 8 Weeks

The Diet

I’ve been dieting now since last October which is how I lost 30+ lbs but yesterday I got on a different type of diet…I started a pre-contest diet. Although I won’t be competing until next summer, this diet is to see how my body reacts to it and where tweaks will have to be made.  Aaron is coaching me; he designed my diet and selected my supplements.  The diet is a 1,131 calories diet (50% of calories from protein, 26% from fat and 26% from carbs).  I ordered the supplements I’ll be taking along with this diet and I expect everything will be in next week.  I’ll be on this diet for 8 weeks.

Dieting has always been the missing link for me, what held me back from making the decision to compete in the past.  The last three years with Aaron, I’ve seen what his diet has been like and I’ve watched him learn so much. Diets and supplements for body builders, figure, bikini…all competitors is key and it is somewhat of a “science”.  A science, in all honesty, I’m not inclined to master.  I’m happy that I can leverage what Aaron has learned.  My only job is to follow his instructions and ask questions when I have them.

The Training

I’m no stranger to training and weight lifting so for now I’m “driving” my training.  The last few months I’ve started doing a lot of cross training – I’ve posted this website on FB before – it’s been a huge resource of exercises.  I’ve been doing a lot more intense, body weight, high reps type of training which has leaned me out but I need to shift things a little and go back to lifting heavier. I need to get harder…I lost 11 pounds between 15 April and 29 June but managed to have my body fat go up 1%.

What I have to be concerned about when it comes to lifting heavier are my elbows.  Since I have been lifting weights (and at times intensely and very heavy) for years already, my elbows have taken a beating.  My joints are pretty bad.  I’m looking into buying The Isolator to help take my elbows out of the equation and train hard and heavy.

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I also have thick legs and lifting heavy is not the answer for shaping my legs into what I need.  So with that being said – my training is going to be made up of 3 days of high intensity cross-training/leg workouts and 2 days of heavier upper body training, 1 day off and 1 day of low impact cardio.

I’ll put up some before pictures in the next couple of days to include my before pictures back from last October when I was at my heaviest.  Eight weeks from now I’ll post my progress pictures.  Below is a picture of Dana Linn Bailey – she is the 1st IFBB Pro Women’s Physique.  She is setting the standards and has become my source of inspiration.

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  • Are you truly doing this for yourself or because you are trying to look more like Shannon Rockweiler because you know that is the type of woman Aaron truly is attracted too? I am not trying to be hateful, I just think that you should learn from being abandoned and heartbroken and move on with your life and stop chasing a man that will never truly be yours. You are much better than all that and it is sadly apparent to all that read your blogs and see your postings that you live your life based on chasing Aaron and living in his shadow & he never chases you nor has he ever treated you with true respect. You may live in denial but you truly do deserve more than you’re allowing yourself to have because you’re blinded by a man.

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