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Keynote and Motivational Speaking Engagements

Keynote and Motivational Speaking Engagements

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One of my ambitious goals in 2012 is to line-up some (as many as possible) speaking engagements (preferably well paid speaking engagements) in 2012 and beyond.

Early last year, I realized I wanted to do a lot more public/motivational speaking so I added information about speaking topics to each of my sites, attended a meeting for the National Speaker Association of New Orleans and started doing some additional research and prepping.  I was actually a speaker for a few events…but I didn’t pursue my intent to make it happen at the level I needed to.  At the level I’m starting to pursue it now to make sure in 2012 I start making good income from public speaking.

Just in the last few days, I’ve taken many more aggressive steps. I’ve joined various speakers’ groups on LinkedIn and applied for a few upcoming gigs. I created a 2 page speaker information sheet which you can view/download: Ann Bernard Speaker One Sheet, and at the beginning of January I will join SpeakerMatch. It’s a little pricey, but not the most expensive of the organizations out there aimed at linking speakers with event planners and other people seeking speakers.

Starting Monday – I will be doing the 5/5. Five days a week, I will do five things each day to promote myself as a speaker. It doesn’t seem like that big of a challenge at first…but I think it’s definitely going to require me to get creative, which is kinda of the whole point. I’ll be keeping everyone posted!!

Do You Know of Anyone or any Organization Looking for a Speaker?!?

Oh…almost forgot.  Step 1. Leverage my own network.  That’s you!  Please have a look at my  Speaker One Sheet (it’s a work in progress).  My topics range from how to overcome fears, turning failures into success, what it takes to succeed to the next level and leadership…to name a few.

The ideal gig is to be a keynote…but I’ll gladly lead breakout sessions at conferences, take part of a panel discussion, do seminars on selected topics and I already do webinars on many topics and can tailor those as well.  If you are part of a professional organization looking for a speaker for an event, dinner etc., I’m also excited to participating in those.

So if you know of opportunities coming up please send them my way or feel free to drop my name!!

I’ll be making some videos in the next two weeks with more information. I promise you I bring my A Game.  I love doing this…hence why I want to do more of it!

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