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Projected Training and Competition Plans 2012

Projected Training and Competition Plans 2012

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Although there are quite a few unknowns in my life at the moment…like where will I be come June 1st and what will my financial stability be – I have to start preparing and planning for my first year as a NPC Women’s Physique Competitor.  I’m still incredibly excited to start competing and seeing where it will take me!!

I stopped taking all supplements and fat burners at Thanksgiving.  Right now, I’m only taking multi-vitamins, protein and some other amminos in order to reset myself. Diet has been so-so the last few weeks…to be expected during this time of the year, but my workouts continue to be intense. Through December 27th, I plan on staying reasonably disciplined but not ultra stict with my diet and training to make it through Christmas while I’m in Massachusetts visiting family.

It’s going to be on like Donkey Kong when I get back to NOLA!! Going to clean everything up the following three weeks and do a peak week the last week on January for another photo shoot and to get a  good idea of where my physique is looking like and what areas I need to improve on.

February, I’ll link up with a coach once more and get ready for my first competition.  I was planning on doing the Texas Shredder Classic in Austin, April 14th but I don’t see Women’s Physiques as a Division.  I emailed them to find out if that was an oversight. I really want to do a non-qualifying show as my first show.

It’s going to be some seriously crazy and busy next few months (got an intense semester at school and lots of goals with the business) but I can’t wait to enjoy all the opportunities and challenges that await me!!

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