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Most Important Quality: Desire for Self-Improvement

During a conversation with my mother and older brother on Christmas Eve I heard myself say something that I want to share.  We were talking about relationships…more specifically the “sacrifices” some people feel they make in order to be in a relationship with another person.  I believe many people sacrifice things of interests, passions and even dreams in order to be with or stay with the person they love.  My mother and brother don’t believe this to be true.  Ultimately, like in many instances where people don’t see eye to eye – it was the wording and association we gave the word “sacrifice” that was the real differentiator in our opinions…but I digress.

What I heard myself tell my brother is this: “What matters most when choosing who you want to spend your life with is whether or not that person is on a path of self-improvement and growth.”

For as long as I can remember, I have believed that self-improvement and growth is the biggest contribution you can make to yourself, the world and humanity.  Our reason for being alive is to grow, learn, progress, and improve on all levels.  However, the first and foremost level we can achieve this, is on the personal level.  When you grow on the personal level; you improve on all levels.

I believe so strongly in this mission for ourselves that my professional path is clearly defining itself as being an agent to help those who want to reach new level of personal development and accomplishment through The Loop of Confidence and What It Takes.  So it makes perfect sense this would be the foremost quality I would look for in a potential future life partner.

A person dedicated to their growth and self-improvement is someone who possesses good self-awareness, an open mind, the ability to listen, hear and process information.  Someone who will not remain stagnant, grow bored…or boring for that matter. A seeker of knowledge, a person with an active mind, a willingness to explore and try new things and more than likely, a pretty decent conversationalist – to name a few other qualities that comes with the pursuit of self-growth.

But again, as I said in another post, I’m looking for a man who is already on this pursuit and journey. A man who has looked at his flaws, mistakes and the ugliness of his life – has accepted the pain that comes with those and is involved in investing the hard work to heal and improve.