Ann's News

Rejection Folder

I just created a Rejection Folder in my email to file a few emails that have come in recently. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve submitted proposals to various sites and organizations for speaking gigs and other inquiries.  A few rejections have started coming in. First off, let me just say that I rather get a rejection than never hear back from people/organizations. So why am I keeping the rejection emails?!?

Hundreds No’s on Your Way to a Yes

Sales has never been my strong suit for a variety of reasons and I need to address those reasons and work on them. Bottom line is my bottom line.  I need to sale myself, what I bring to the table and my services.  I need to realize, accept and roll with the fact that I will likely get rejected and hear a lot of no’s before I get to the yes’s I’m looking for.  I have a lot of different things to “pitch” so I’m rolling up my sleeves and embracing my NO’s because each one is getting me closer to my YES!

A No is a Not NOW

The organizations and people who have responded back have shown the professional courtesy I seek in the people I interact with, so they are the type of people are want to work with…I’m keeping their rejection emails so I have their contact information for a later time. What I have to offer and my experience level will change over time…so may be right now they aren’t interested but that doesn’t mean they won’t be down the road.

When I was pitching WhyGoSolo to investors I ended up letting the rejections get to me.  I didn’t embrace them fully like I needed to. I took some of them personally and didn’t use the full powers of the NOs to grow and improve as much I should have. I was much more stubborn back then, not so much anymore.  Life has humbled me. Thinking and doing things differently in order to have different results!!