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No Way Around Being Hungry

No Way Around Being Hungry

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I’m hungry.  Five days into being back on track, I’m fighting some serious hunger pains. It sucks!! To be honest, I didn’t expect it to be this hard.  I got off the bandwagon during the Holiday Season but nothing too crazy or insane….except for a few days here and there (like Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Day). What I was definitely not during the last 6-8 weeks was hungry.  Ironically enough though, I was finding myself sluggish on most days.  Now, being back on a strict and efficient diet and back on fat burners and thermogenics – I have energy, I feel great but I’m consumed with hunger.

Being hungry 16+ hours of everyday for the last 5 days has been a huge drain on my focus.  It takes focus and self-discipline to fight the hunger and that is focus and self-discipline taken away from all the other tasks I need to achieve. I was very productive Monday…but over the last couple of days my level of productivity has been declining.  I was beating myself up about it yesterday and realized, that of course, it doesn’t help to beat myself up but I also needed to cut myself some slack.  This is the roughest week; it will get easier and easier…well, until peak week. Being hungry but full of energy is what I want.

I have a lot of pressure to get The Loop of Confidence and What It Take up and going this month.  Being able to pay the rent February 1st depends on it. I start school (5 classes) back up on January, 17th so the time I have off right now is critical and needs to be maximized. Not sure where I’m going with this…other than to say that it’s all freakin’ stressful!! Stress makes me hungry!!

Thankfully, understanding what’s happening to me – really helps manage what I need to do.

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The picture to this post is a little racy but what the heck…it was taken the night before my photo shoot last September.  Looking at it reminds me it’s about looking even better than I did then in short five weeks from now.

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