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It Gets Done One Day At A Time

It Gets Done One Day At A Time

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I somewhat feel like a broken record with these types of posts, but I know people need to constantly hear this and be reminded that achieving goals and success is something that is done ONE DAY AT A TIME.  You have to set your mind to get it done, commit yourself, come up with a plan and take it one day at a time.  One day at time you put forth effort and do the right things – over time it adds up and you start getting to where you want to go; achieving the goals you set forth.

It was in October of 2010 that I decided I was ready to get back into shape.  I fully committed to it and began to work at it every day.  I gave it (give it) my best everyday.  It’s not always 100% because that’s humanely impossible however; it is the absolute best that I have to give that day.

It’s been tough, hard and difficult at times – particularly through some of life’s challenges but I didn’t let any of them defeat me.  I did not turn to food to comfort myself or allowed the disappointments to give me an excuse to let up.  I have remained committed. The same way I remain committed to my business and following my entrepreneurial dream.

Look, my life is no cake walk.  I have no financial security.  From month to month, I never know how I’m going to pay my bills.  The last couple of months, I’ve only been able to get by because some friends have loaned me money. I bust my ass day in and day out in the gym, at school, and working on the Loop of Confidence but the only time in the last 7 years that I’ve had financial security was while doing things I either hated or that made me incredibly unhappy and dissatisfied. Unhappiness, misery and having to force myself to do work I hated took a much greater toll on me than being completely broke.

Knowing who you are, what you want and busting your ass everyday to get to the vision you have in your life is LIVING LIFE. It ain’t easy – but it’s full of opportunities as long as everyday, you do what you can.

Losing the weight, training hard, dieting…etc., it’s my sanity because it yields results. When nothing seems to be moving in my life – I shed my clothes and I flex in the mirror. My body responded to my efforts and someday so will things in my business.

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Giving up, quitting or getting negative are not options.  I break down in tears once in awhile when the stress becomes too much and I can’t adequately cope with it. It’s short lived. When things don’t pan out as I’d imagine they would – I keep having faith, I keep praying and I keep brainstorming.

As long as everyday I make some sort of progress – I know it will get done (happen). I live everyday the best I know how – with a positive, hopeful and grateful attitude.  I stay filled with love, empathy and compassion. I address my anger and frustrations. I pray A LOT. I help when and where I can. I practice being patient. It isn’t always easy but it is always necessary

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