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Eight Weeks Out: Major Diet, Supps and Training Overhaul

I’m 8 weeks out, today, from making my debut in Women’s Physique at the Texas Shredder in Austin, Texas.  I met with my coach this morning for some posing and for him to have a look at me.  He sent me my new diet, supplement list and workout break down…and let me say – it’s an overhaul compared to what I’ve been doing which is what’s needed to shock my system and get me the rest of the way (well…most of the way).

I’m going from 6 meals to 5 and dropping some of the foods I’ve been eating for some new additions. I’m adding new supplements to include CLA, more Glutamine and creatine. I’m dropping some cardio and increasing the amount (and I learned today QUALITY) of posing I’ve been doing. I’m also going back to heavier weights and less reps.

The last 6-8 weeks I’ve been going pretty light weights, high reps, lots of super-setting and cardio. It’s been good and has leaned my legs down but my upper body (shoulders, back and arms) have suffered some, as a result.  They have softened and flatten out a bit.  The heavier weights and fewer reps will help build me back up and the diet changes will take care of leaning me out.

One major thing I’ve learned since getting this serious – as in deciding to compete, is that, it’s a process. It’s not an overnight process and it’s a process that gets tweaked a lot. What is awesome though about this process is the more you clean your diet & training and the leaner & meaner your body is, the faster it responds to the slightest changes.

I still have major problem areas and a nice layer of fat right under my skin across my entire body that needs to go away.  It won’t be fully gone in the next 8 weeks. Problems areas will be gone but my skin will probably not be as tight and thin as it needs to be but that’s why I am doing this competition first before the Great Gulf. The more competition diet preps your do (without overdoing it) the better your body gets each time.

I also have a lot of work to do with my posing and I need to put together a posing routine. I also need a posing suit.  To be honest, I have no clue at this point how I will afford doing this competition or any other competitions.  Totally walking in FAITH. Putting in the hard work, believing in myself, giving it 110% and leaving the rest up to God.