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Time to Ease Up the Pressure?

Had a good talk with my coach today about whether or not it is absolutely necessary for me to do my first competition April 14th. It’s a date I set months ago that I committed myself to however, as the date gets closer and the daily pressures placed on me get greater – it’s starting to be a hindrance to stick to that date.

For one thing, although I’m making progress on my problem areas…they still need a lot more work and I could probably swing the impossible and manage to put more work into them in the next 5 weeks (at god knows what cost) or I can give myself some breathing room and push my debut to a later date.

In case you don’t know, I’m a full time student (5 classes) and I work full time on getting my business up and going. A typical day for me starts at 5am.  I get up and get ready to go do cardio. I get back from cardio, shower, eat, meditate and pray.  My first class on M,W,F is at 9am.  I go to my first class, between my first and second class, I eat, do work, homework or study (at UNO in the psych lounge).

Then I have back to back classes.  I get out of school and back home usually by 2:30pm; at which time, I go train.  I train for about 2 hours (to include posing). I get back home to eat about 5pm and settle in to do homework, study or business work. I hit the rack usually by 9pm, NLT 10pm. Tuesdays my class is from 4:30 – 7:10pm so I have the day to train and do work. I make calls, send emails, go knock on doors, do research, create content etc.  Thursdays, I don’t have school so I get as much work and school stuff done as I can…same on the weekends.

There is NO break. Last week was mid-terms, I had 4 tests to study and get ready for.  On top of that, I still released my new program for parents: 5 Keys to Raising Confident Kids. Never mind that on top of it all is endless financial pressure.

Not rattling off everything I do and how insane and hectic my life is to brag about it but to rather point out that at some point, everyone, even someone has hard core, driven, focused, and motivated as me needs to realize when she’s taking on too much.

My grades this semester have been greatly slipping compared to my past performance because school simply has not been a priority.  I honestly can’t make it a priority at this point because what I need to do is crack the nut on getting The Loop of Confidence financially supporting me.  Forcing myself to do the April 14th competition hinders me meeting my top priority…which is again, financially supporting myself with my business (and beyond…as it grows).  In next few weeks I need to pound the pavement and knock down doors to get people aware of my new program and get butts in the seats for my workshops and webinars.  In order to do that – I gotta give myself some breathing room and being 5 weeks out from a competition requires me to do the opposite – put more emphasis on my training, prepping and preparation.  My younger sister is also getting married March 31st, and traveling 2 weeks before the show with everything else on my plate would ensure I would be totally stressed at the wedding vice being able to enjoy being with my family.

So with that being said…I am going to move my debut to a local show, the Camellia Championships, on May 26th.  Bums me out to have to delay things but it eases up the pressure.  This will also ensure I bring a much better physique to my debut. God willing, when I step on stage I will also have  met my top priority and goal – I will be financially supporting myself living my dream!!

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  1. You are on mission! Stay hard corps.

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