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Inspiration From Within the Ranks – Having Real Conversations with Marines

Inspiration From Within the Ranks – Having Real Conversations with Marines

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Since writing my last blog post, I have continued to brew on the challenge and therefore opportunity at hand.  It’s been inspiring to get the comments, messages and emails I’ve received. I truly believe I am sitting on a splendid and unique opportunity to have a candid, open and honest discussion with Marines about health and fitness and weight management.

The expectations to be in top physical condition in the Marine Corps are many but so are the challenges to meet those expectations.  Although we have excellent facilities and programs through MCCS Semper Fit and within each separate Commands throughout the Marine Corps– the conversation about what it takes and to get the necessary motivation and inspiration is lacking.

The truth is, unless you have struggled with your weight, it’s something difficult to understand for most people/Marines. When a Marine is overweight (for whatever reason) the response normally is – stop eating so much and PT more. A Marine might get sent to see a nutritionist and they will definitely be “incentivized” to PT more and lose the weight.  However, the truth to weight loss is MOTIVATION.  Everyone can lose weight IF they find the right, proper and true motivation within themselves.

Unfortunately, having your chain of command breathing down your neck and applying pressure normally has the opposite effect and that leaves Marines bitter, disappointed, frustrated and angry. I’ve been there – I know what it feels like.

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No Marine actually wants to be above their weight limit – all Marines deep down want to be that representative image of what a “Marine should look like” (what we look like after boot camp and OCS), and would go to great distances to achieve that.

I’m working on a proposal I plan to shop around the Marine Corps leadership and hopefully what I have in mind will become a reality.  It’s about taking my story, an open conversation, and other people’s successes on the road to other Marines for the inspiration and motivation they are seeking.

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