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The Next 100 Days

The Next 100 Days

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Yea…so, the next 100 days of my life are going to be packed full. And not just packed full but also very significant in many ways; they bring an end to my 16 year pursuit of a bachelors degree and a new beginning to my 19 years of training. Both things  I’ve been working hard and diligently on the last 2 years. They are also filled with many unknowns and immensity for something to finally “give”.

In 23 days, the Spring semester will finally come to an end. I have been willing myself through this semester and have taken little pleasure from it or any of my classes. I have been struggling and hating my Trigonometry class the most. I’m not sure yet if my grade will be good enough to not be forced to re-take it over the summer. I’m waiting to get the grade for my last test; hopefully it’s good enough that a decent grade on the final will squeeze me through with my first C of my College years.

In 37 days, I will make my debut at the Camellia Championship and compete for the first time in the new Women’s Physique Division.  It was in June of last year that I decided I would compete in 2012 – it’s been a hard, disciplined, and tough road, but I know when May 26th comes around; I’ll be ready to leave my mark on the judges and audience!!

In 65 days, I will once more step on stage – this time at the Greater Gulf Championship and the goal at this competition will be to qualify for Nationals.  My timeline is to turn pro in 2-3 years, making this year the year I want to qualify for Nationals and start competing at the National Level and working towards my IFBB Pro Card.  It’s an ambitious goal I know, particularly since I haven’t even competed yet, but I do bust my ass and work extremely hard, so I’m going to keep aiming high.

In 100 days, I will be graduating from UNO with my BS in Psychology.  I need to take 2 classes this summer (hopefully not 3 because of a re-do for Trig).  I started college I think it was sometime in 1996, at Copper Mountain College while I was stationed in 29 Palms.  I earned my AA in Liberal Arts in 1999, which allowed me to apply for and get selected for the Meritorious Commissioning Program.  Twelve years later, in the Fall of 2011, I started school at UNO. Took 6 semesters to get it done – but in 100 Days, I will finally have my Bachelors degree.

For awhile I had plans to go straight to Grad School however, this semester made me realize how much I want to go back to spending my full time, energy and focus on my business and business related projects. Unfortunately, so far, I still have yet to make any real progress towards achieving my business goals. Trying really hard to not let that get me down however, something has to give in the next 100 days or I will have to make some hard decisions about my future.

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Never in my life has so many paths been converging the way they are in the next 100 days. The plan is to document everything the very best I can because I think it’s going to be quite interesting.  Where, how and to what level will my hard work pay off?!? What door or window will open? Will all of my struggles, efforts, sweat and tears lead to an explosive, amazing new phase to my life? Or will things remain as stagnant, unchanging and difficult as they have been for the last 7 years?

I have been imagining, visualizing and praying for such a bright, amazing and wonderful future – I am ready for it to be unveiled in the next 100 days.

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