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99 Days

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Was up at 5am this morning. Seems to be what time my body wants to get up now even when I’m not heading in to do cardio – this is perfectly fine with me.  I’m waking up with energy and an excitement to face the day.

I will be eating breakfast here shortly while watching one of Joyce Meyers’ programs, followed by some time praying, meditating and then I’ll be hitting the gym.  Today I’m training legs.  Today is also my picture day.  I take pictures to send to my coach – based on the pictures, weight and what my week was like he will either tweak or keep my diet the same. Today is also the when I normally get my cheat meal – I’ll find out if I get to have one or not.  Not feeling like I made much progress since last week, though.  I’m also retaining some water (cursed hormones).

Big ticket item to accomplish today is delivering some of my marketing material for my 5 Keys to Raising Confident Kids.  I’ve made a list of daycares and pediatric offices to stop in, drop of the material and introduce myself – both could potentially be excellent referral sources for me. Praying the people I encounter today are receptive to me and interested in my program.

Also on my schedule is meeting with Shawn McElroy, photographer, and discuss my next photo shoot which will be military/USMC themed.

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I need to do some reading for my English class as well. I’ve fallen behind on my reading – story is really dry, can’t seem to get into it.  Normally I devour my reading and it’s enjoyable.

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