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The Few, Fewer and Fewer Still

The Few, Fewer and Fewer Still

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Knowing and understanding my mindset is probably the quickest way to understand who I am and why I do what I do. The way I see the world is we are all one version of the matryoshka dolls (pictured left). We all fall somewhere within the scope of the largest doll or we break free from the larger dolls (crowds) and become part of the smaller and fewer crowds.  The digressing order is something like Everyone, Most, Some, Few, Fewer, Fewer Still, A Handful and The One and Only.

I hang in the Few, Fewer and Fewer Still crowds – the ultimate aim is to end up in the Handful and One and Only but those are incredibly difficult to reach and probably not actually worth what it takes to get there.

Alright…I’ve probably lost you, let’s take joining the Marines.  The Few. The Proud. The Marines. A very small percentage of the U.S. population chooses to join the Marine Corps, few make it through.  Fewer are women, fewer still are women officers and fewer still are female Majors in the Marine Corps (active duty or reserves). A handful are Colonels/Generals – don’t see me reaching the rank of Colonel; not one of my goals.  And someday there will be The One and Only 4 Star Woman General in the Marine Corps.

Few people choose to compete, fewer choose to compete in Women’s Physique (more popular is figure and bikini) and qualify for National (my goal) and fewer still earn their IFBB pro cards (my ultimate goal).  A handful will make it to Olympia and once a year – there will be a One and Only Olympia winner.

Few people become entrepreneurs, fewer are women and fewer still make millions after starting from nothing. My entrepreneurial goal is definitely to become one of the fewer still and hopefully someday become one of the handful investors.

There is nothing necessarily wrong with the Everyone, Most and Some crowds – they just aren’t my cup of tea because I enjoy being challenged and pushing myself in the areas that are most important in my life. It’s not an egotistical thing – it’s an accomplishment and pushing myself thing. It’s a believing in myself and my potential thing. It’s choosing to do things with a purpose in mind thing.

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It is critical and important to point out that I am exceptionally happy with my life where it is RIGHT NOW. I’m not waiting to be “fewer still” to be happy.  I’m happy now while being knee deep in hard work and hardship. Knowing who I am and what I’m working towards keeps me motivated, inspired, energized, focused, and dedicated. The purpose to life is to grow, learn, develop and not be stagnant. I live my life to the fullest through the goals I have set for myself.  Working on being balanced while achieving all of my goals is a challenge that is wonderful to navigate as well.

This is not for everyone.  You have to discover who you are and how you view who you are and what you do. Ask yourself which matryoshka dolls you currently are and if that is allowing you to keep learning and growing or if this is where you are comfortable and have become stagnant

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