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Today did not start like it should have…yesterday was my cheat day (coach said yes to a reasonable cheat meal) which increased my energy (and upset my stomach) – I did cardio later in the day than usual and my meeting with Shawn (photographer) ran a little longer than expected; we were chatting it up. When I got home, I was still wired so I went to bed late…cause and effect, action/reaction – going to bed at 11:30 pm lead to me not getting up at 5:12am  to go do my morning cardio.

I got my cardio in, just wasn’t on an empty stomach.  I was at school for most of the day today, but was able to squeeze a meeting in with a friend Andrea Gomez. She made a recommendation of what I should do that hadn’t occurred to me at all.  Pretty excited to pursue it and seeing what happens.  It aligns with everything I have been doing and wanting to do.

Yesterday’s delivery of my marketing material did not go so well.  Got another approach figured out.

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