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Training: Not What But How

Training: Not What But How

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First let me reintegrate that my transformation is 70% DIET and not what I do in the gym or how I train.

However, I do get ask a lot WHAT I do in the gym. (BTW, I primarily train at NOLA Fit on Magazine Street)  I have been working out/training since I was 16 and what I do in the gym hasn’t changed much in the last 19 years. What has changed, particularly in the last year, is the HOW I do the what.


My training splits are basic and simple:

Monday – Shoulders

Tuesday – Legs (emphasis on Quads and Glutes)

Wednesday – Off (except for cardio)

Thursday – Arms

Friday – Back

Saturday – Legs (emphasis on Hams/Glutes)

Sunday – Chest

The exercises I do for each body parts are also nothing you haven’t seen before in magazines, videos or being performed at the gym.


The How is also not brain surgery, but it is where I have improved the most and what the majority of people don’t do. The things that matter are FOCUS, PURPOSE and INTENSITY.  All my movements/exercises are done with my full focus and all the intensity I can muster.  I focus on the contraction of the muscles – how they are working and responding to the force applied.  Purpose comes into play in the way I move about the gym, I only do what needs to be done, and I don’t rush.

I used to rush somewhat – and would decide to “throw” a set of this or that in my workout. I didn’t take adequate rest and I stopped before feeling all the pain I could handle.  Not anymore.

I bring A LOT more PAIN to my training. I’ve experienced a whole new level of pain and muscle failure.  I will get to the point I cannot move the weight at all – not all the time, but I do make sure to get to that level of failure often.  I have also sweated bullets not because I was hot but because I was in pain.  This is what you call “good f^cKn’ pain” – not injury type pain.

The one part of the how I can’t explain is the way my body tells me when I need an extra set, an extra rep or how to hit my muscle next. My reps for the most part stay in the 8-12 range but sometimes – I go lower, sometimes I go a little higher.  I play with the number of sets a lot more though then the reps.  Used to be on a 4 sets per exercises, which later became 3 sets and now I can end up with 5 sets, 3 or 7 sets.

I have to work around my left elbow so I do have exercises I’d like to do but can’t. One other thing is I keep things as fresh as I can – so I will switch things up between free weights, machines and cables.

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