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Better Online Marketing

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Wednesday night I had a 50 minute call with Patrick Allmond of Focus Consulting to get some feedback and assistance from him (I recommend anyone looking to improve their sale conversion rates on their sites do the same or anyone looking for social media and email marketing assistance). Although I do well getting traffic to my professional website (The Loop of Confidence) – I am not getting conversions to sale.   People are not signing up for my courses and workshops and it’s obviously a big problem.  It’s great to have a website to provide people with useful information but ultimately, my website is my point of sales and I need to start making sales.

One of my biggest take away from our call is for me to pull back content that I have on other sites like Slideshare and package that content into downloadable content I can use to capture email addresses to build my mailing list and also make some of that content available for sale.

Thousands of people have viewed my presentations on slideshare however, none of them have ever contacted me for my services nor do I get traffic from slideshare – so why keep feeding my content there?

I’ve known for years I need to capture email addresses but I haven’t put any significant effort into it or into creating more sources of income. I always assumed people would read my posts, realize the value I provide and sign-up for the Loop of Confidence or contact me for other services. I want people to sign-up for my courses and workshops because they feel an urge and inclination to do it but that is naïve and it’s long overdue for me to start applying pressure and doing sales (both online and offline).  I hate sales.  I suck at it but I need to get over it and get better at it.

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I’ve got my todo list.  Going to do as much of it I can do on my own on the NO budget I’m working with.

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