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Updates on The Last Two Weeks

Updates on The Last Two Weeks

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Photo Shoot with WishingTree

I’m sorry I haven’t posted any updates in the last two weeks but they were stressful weeks – I didn’t have the time nor the inclination to do updates.

Yesterday I took my last two finals and brought an end to the Spring 2012 semester!  This is such a HUGE relief.  It was by far the hardest semester to date – besides struggling in Trigonometry, what made the semester so hard was my lack of desire and motivation to still be in school.  It took a great deal of self-discipline to make it through this past semester.  I surrendered myself to prayers and taking it one day at a time.  Through the strength of God and doing what needs to be done, one day at a time, all is achievable and quite frankly less painful/difficult.

Although I was heavily focused on school the last two weeks, I did manage to squeeze in a photo shoot, shoot a “How-to” Posing video, joined the Under Armour What’s Beautiful Challenge, started a YouTube Channel (have a look and be sure to subscribe) and of course, I kept on training hard and diligently.

I wish I could report that something particularly good and unexpected happened; but it hasn’t quite yet.

I have 22 days before the next semester starts; this is going to be my last semester and thankfully I only need 2 more classes. Last summer, I took 4 classes.  Summer semester flies by but classes are everyday.

I’m 16 days (counting today) away from my first competition.  I decided (God willing it financially) to do the Southern Classic the week right after the Camellia Championship, which means as I get back into school – I’ll be wrapping up one competition and getting ready for the next.

The next 22 days are critical, I wish all I had to do was focus on getting ready to compete but I MUST generate income.  Forget the fact that no income means no competing, no income means being out on the street at this point.  What pays the rent right now is my stipend from the VA – this month’s stipend will be pro-rated since it’s not a full month so there is no money to pay the rent in full June 1st.

I am not going to allow my dire financial circumstances to change any of my plans or impact my level of happiness, joy and peace.  Going to keep working hard, keep trusting God and having Faith. Walking in Faith is not knowing “How” but fully believing it will all work for the best.

With that being said, I’m not going to sit on the couch for the next 22 days; got lots more stokes to put in the fire and lines to cast.

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Today the plan is to redo this site.  It’s time to aim for and work on getting sponsorships and the help of the people who want to support me.  By the end of the day, I’ll be able to take donations and will have my offerings for sponsors.

The rest of the week, I’ll be working on creating a lot more content for both this site and The Loop of Confidence.  I will be scheduling more workshops for parents and more Loop of Confidence Courses.


80 Days to go out of 100 – what or what will happen!?!?

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