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Victories Are Team Efforts

Victories Are Team Efforts

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Only through God was  I able to accomplish meeting my goal of finally stepping on stage and making my debut in Women’s Physique and it was definitely his grace and glory that allowed me to take home a victory and become Louisiana’s first ever Women’s Physique 1st Place Winner!!

God doesn’t work alone…he uses helpers, people who come into our lives at the right time to provide us with what we need.  I would like to acknowledge those people because without their help what I accomplished would not have been possible.

First, I want to thank Aaron Williamson.  I learned a lot while helping him prepare for his competitions a couple of years ago and he was my first coach.  He got me started on the right foot and I made huge gains and progress under this coaching towards achieving my goal.

I want to thank my current Coach, Shelby Starnes. Shelby has trained hundreds of athletes and he truly knows “his stuff”. Although he is not local that hasn’t hindered his ability to coach me to a victory.  He is very quick in his responses and feedback and was right there with me…although not in the flesh.  I fully count on him to help me work on the areas the judges pointed out I need to improve to get me ready for the Greater Gulf.

I want to thank Roddy Gaubert for the help with my posing and his words of advice and wisdom along the way.

I want to thank Cory and Ashley of NOLA Fit for providing me a second home to go to and train, their wonderful friendship and constant support. Love you both!

I want to thank Kate Hendricks of Precision Wellness for being the first person to step to the plate and help me make sure I could afford to compete.  I also can’t say enough about how supportive, encouraging and wonderful Kate has been and continues to be.  I love you, girl!

I want to thank Alex Davis, Ray Nichols, Diane Crawford, and Meredith Tobin for their personal donations to my competition funds.  Without their help, support and donations I wouldn’t have been able to afford looking so amazing and beautiful on stage.  It’s expensive to show up on stage looking like that!!  They truly believed in me and donated their money to make sure my dream would come true.  They are selfless, kind, generous and wonderful people. Love you!

I want to thank Lisa Jacobs for being there for me and taking care of my Little Man while I was away.

I want to thank all of my family and friends who showered me with well wishes before the competition and congratulations after the competitions.  I felt so loved, supported and encouraged!!

To all of those who were part of making the Camellia Championships happen – THANK YOU. It was an amazing show and competition and it couldn’t have happened without all of you. All the athletes who competed on Saturday were lucky to be part of such a great event!

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This closes Phase I – making my debut and yesterday I started Phase II: Mission Qualification.  I know I will be facing other top competitors so there is no easing up.  There are only 25 days until the Great Gulf Championship and much work to be done.

I also continue to seek sponsors and taking personal donations in order to make sure I am able to be all I can be for my upcoming competitions!

Again, I can’t say it enough – THANK YOU!!


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