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Discouragement From Left Field

Love how life serves personal experiences in order to be able to exemplify a point.  I said I would blog again about motivation, setting goals and having the right kind of motives – nothing like being able to share what recently happened to me to clearly show how this works.

When I made the decision to start competing, I had at the time two primary motives in mind. First, I wanted to step on stage because it was something I had always wanted to do. Since I now had the right knowledge and tools to make it happen; it appeared to be the perfect time. Second, because of all the things that have happened in my life the last few years; I was battling depression and I knew having a clear goal that yields results; keeps me focused, motivated, and encouraged would keep me out of the pits of darkness.

Training hard yielded amazing results while doing more research on competing lead me to expand my goal to include qualifying for and competing in a National Level show.  Now, there are A LOT of moving parts to this goal which for me is perfect and MY kind of goal.  The kind worth sticking to and pushing forward with; the kind that isn’t easy.

In the process, as you can see from the revamping of my website, the photo shoots, entering the Under Armour What’s Beautiful Challenge, etc. – I’ve been working more on promoting myself and building the Confidence Builder Brand. People are responding to my efforts so I’m exploring further. What I’m saying is, overtime, I have intensified my motives behind wanting to compete and step on a National stage.

“You Don’t Have The Physique It Takes”

Someone whose opinion I valued saw my posts and the picture I posted of my entry forms…for you see yesterday, I filled out all my entry forms, addressed the envelopes, wrote the checks and placed stamps on the envelopes.  I did this because I am solidifying between me and God that my intentions are set.  I am not simply wishing for the opportunity to compete in the competitions – I am willing it to happen. I am doing all I can do to make it happen and He, God, has to do what He has to do to make it happen for me.  I will accept it if it’s not His Will for me but I certainly am not going to make excuses or not put forth all the efforts I can.

Anyway, in a nutshell, via an exchange of messages, this person said I did not have the physique to compete at the National Level (never mind turning Pro) and that I shouldn’t be pursuing it because I will make a fool of myself.

He thinks I don’t have the physique for it, I dang sure believe I do (as I’ve said before it still requires improvements and more hard work) but what’s funniest about this, is that, neither of our opinions matter!!  The panel of judges at each competition I enter will decide what they think of my physique.

Now, what he said did sting and hurt a little.  It also insulted me a bit.  Thankfully, I am not lead by my emotions and even less so by other peoples’ opinions.  My motives, motivation and reasons for doing what I am doing are very clear to me.  No one is going to change that.  The only force that can change it is GOD.

Besides that, here are a few insights on peoples opinions:

  1. All people provide their opinions from their perspectives.  No one knows me, like I know myself.  No one is walking in my shoes.  I value other peoples’ opinions and consider them but they don’t rule my actions.
  2. Some people are out to control and manipulate you. Some folks will provide their opinion in an attempt to control and manipulate you; have you serve them instead of yourself.
  3. Some people are sharing their fears more than their opinion. Unfortunately, some folks are scared to do what I do because of their own fears; so they try to stop me because they are afraid for me.  Good intentions very misplaced…I am not afraid.
  4. Some people don’t want to see others succeed. Probably the saddest of them all. Some people will share their opinions to sabotage you.

Will Happily Make A Fool Of Myself

I have been through thick and thin. Most people can’t begin to understand or fathom what I’ve been through so far in my life. For anyone to even begin to think I have any concerns or issues about making a fool of myself doesn’t have the first inkling of who Ann Bernard is.

Let us not forget – the people who have made the biggest impact in our history have made complete asses of themselves on a regular basis.  Comes with taking chances, putting yourself out there, standing up for something…for all that is great!!  For all that is living life to the fullest.

I won’t purposely make a fool of myself. I won’t show up on stage not having put forth 110% and knowing I look my absolute best. I’ll listen to the judges and my coach.  Will put their input and opinions into perspective but at the end of the day; I am also going to have the experiences I am setting out to have.

I don’t live in box. I don’t limit myself. I don’t give up, I don’t back down, I don’t quit, I don’t make excuses.

I’ve been right before and I’ve been wrong before.  I’ve always enjoyed being right more!! But I have also learned more from being wrong.  This is LIFE. LIVING.

I know why I do what I do.  I know who I am. I know what my vision for my life is.  I know who I serve (God).

My goals and my motives are always clear, concise, and purposeful. I revisit them often. I discuss them with God every morning. I didn’t get to this stage of being overnight but now that I’m here; life is good. Not lead by feelings, emotions or what anyone else has to say.  That is how you stay motivated, focused, energized, at peace and filled with joy on your journey to achieving your goals!

Oh…and no hard feelings, anger, or hate towards anyone who disagrees with what I’m doing or thinks I won’t get it done.  Not out to prove anything. Not out to prove anyone wrong.  Simply out to experience life and live it to the fullest. To pursue and push my potential. To continue to grow in my faith and walk with God. To continue to motivate, inspire and help people looking for that.