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Hedge Your Bets: Sponsor Me

Some people know how to hedge their bets; they know how to pick the winners early.  They know how to minimize their risks and gain the largest reward. Sponsoring me and creating a partnership with me now – is exactly what a smart person looking to hedge their bets would do!

Not being cocky but I am very confident (come on…I’m a confidence builder)

Who I am – The Plan

My goal is to become an IFBB Pro Women’s Physique in the next 2-3 years.  The goal this year is to qualify for and compete in my first National Level competition. I have to compete in a National Qualifying Show and place in the Top 3 to qualify for a National Level show.  Once I qualify for a National Show – I will keep competing at the National level until I win and earn my pro card.

I’m a Confidence Builder, motivational speaker, entrepreneur and still serving as a Major in the UMSCR.  Being a Women’s Physique competitor aside from it being part of who I am and my lifestyle; it’s part of my branding.  It starts conversations.  Commands attention, respect and attracts attention.

Businesses and brands succeed because they market themselves right.  They provide the right message and set the right example.  When I talk about self-confidence, motivation, discipline, self-awareness, self-control, leadership etc. – the image, physique and presence I bring is a representation of living what I preach…teach.

Competing and being a Women’s Physique competitor is important to my life, my brand, my business but only begins to expose the goals and vision I have for myself and my life.

10 Reasons Why Your Business Should Sponsor Me

1. If you are going to sponsor an athlete – you want to sponsor someone with drive, ambition, passion, lofty goals and a serious hunger for success.  A person who has been tested by setbacks, failures and the worst life has to offer.  I have and I have thrived!

2. I have a story to tell. Sponsoring me is sponsoring someone who can inspire, motivate and reach out to many with real life experiences, struggles and successes.

3. I’m a business person.  I understand your investment in me is expected to yield some kind of results.

4. I know marketing. Particularly social medial and online marketing. I know how to create content and distribute content.

5. I create content: blog posts, tweets, facebook updates, videos, slideshows, images etc. Sponsor me and your brand will get included to the content I create.

6. I’m diversified.  My family, friends, and the people who follow me online and in life are from all walks of life and part of a variety of communities.  As an entrepreneur, Marine, student, competitor, etc., I have grown a variety of networks.

7. I’m well spoken.  I know how to deliver a message.

8. I’m a brand.  All that I do to promote my brand – benefits your brand.

9. I look at the big picture. This also ties back to sponsoring someone hungry for success, driven and ambitious.  I’m not just looking at my next competition.  I’m looking at the big picture, building relationships, partnerships, and creating opportunities.

10. I’m appreciative.  I’ve been struggling for many years and I know the restricted budget most businesses operate on.  I have learned to be incredibly grateful to the people and organizations that get behind me and support me. I don’t take anything for granted.

Why I Need Sponsorship

An Expensive Sport

All sports and athletes face a variety of expenses but in many instances/sports those expenses are covered by the team they play for. Not so for this sport.

Typical Expenses


Posing Suit(s)


National Physique Committee Card

Gym membership

For each Competition

Competition Entry Fees
Cost of Travel (Airfare, Hotel)

The cost for each competition is around $1000

A coach runs between $800-1,200 for 16 weeks

Posing suits run between $250-2,500

Sponsoring Opportunities

I currently have 4 upcoming competitions.  If you can only sponsor part of the cost, that is perfectly fine.  Contact me and we will work things out.

($500) Camellia Championship – May 26th

($1000) Greater Gulf Championship – June 22/23rd

($1000) NPC Louisiana Championship – July 14th

($1500) NPC Nationals Atlanta GA – November 9/10th

I am also available to discuss Corporate Sponsorships and Spokesperson agreements.

Personal Donations

For my wonderful supporters, friends and family who are interested in showing their support – I would be forever grateful and appreciative.  Any amount would help to keep me going towards achieving my goals. By clicking the Donate button you can choose the amount, $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100…whatever you can afford and would like to contribute.

I can use all the help available to make sure I get to qualify for and compete at Nationals in Atlanta this year. It’s something I’ve been working extremely hard to achieve so I appreciate all and any support people can make and offer.

Simply use the DONATE Button to the right!