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Mind Over Laziness and Food Addiction

Shared insights on my training and shared the lowdown of my diet for the last 20 months – but at the end of the day what will get you into the best shape of your life and losing the weight you want to lose is your MINDSET!

I might only know how to best physically train myself and be basically clueless about diet and therefore fully reliant on a coach for that – but when it comes to developing mind of matter POWER…NOW that’s my area expertise!

This blog post is once more a reply to a message I got from someone a little while ago – in a nutshell the person said they had no problems getting to the gym and working out but when it came to resisting the temptation of food…well her self-discipline and self-control came short.

Fried, processed and sugary foods are addictive – not quite crack, cocaine or nicotine addictive but addictive none the less.  Although those types of foods are horrible for you – humans are designed to love fattening, sweet foods; it used to be a survival mechanism which obviously is no longer necessary in the world of abundance we now live in.  The food is also addictive because once again although it is basically bad for you, it does make certain parts of your brain happy.

While it might be really hard for some people to make it to the gym – most people enjoy a certain level of activity because guess what…it also releases feel good hormones.  Hence, working out might not be difficult to do/keep up with but cutting out the fat, grease, salt and sugary foods is.

People are quick to say “Just get your fat ass off the couch and stop stuffing yourself” and while that is true – not a lot of people can snap that switch on and get off the couch, throw all the junk away and start a workout program. It does take motivation to get started. It boils down to Mind OVER Matter – it boils down to your self-awareness and your self-talk. Motivation to accomplish a goal/task is routed in a few factors but the primary 2 reasons are 1.) Do you believe you can attain this goal and 2.) What is the reward for achieving this goal and is the reward worth the effort the goal requires.

People often set goals without fully understanding the goal itself and their true motives behind the goal they’re setting. Unfortunately, a lot of people want to lose weight to look good or to look their best for a special occasion.  Often times, such superficiality to a weight loss goal will either result in not achieving the goal or achieving but not maintaining the goal.  Being healthy, feeling good, having more energy, living a healthy lifestyle, and yes, looking good (listed last – not first) are the right reasons to lose weight. Once you have the right reasons for a goal; we can then work on strengthening your mindset.

More to come on the motivation and mindset of setting goals in the next blog post.