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The Countdown Continues…Halfway Through

The Countdown Continues…Halfway Through

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Remember the 100 Days countdown to graduation and the “What will happen/what will I be doing once I’ve finished school?”  Well…I’m now halfway through it and I have crossed off a few items on the list like finishing the Spring Semester, making my debut in Women’s Physique and starting the summer semester.  I’m 11 days away from competing at the Greater Gulf Championship and qualifying for Nationals.

I enjoyed my short school break and it definitely confirmed how I’m ready to graduate and have a real break for school for awhile.  The two classes I’m currently taking are Perception and Sensation, and Emotional Health.  Last week was my first full week of classes so I was working on figuring out my new schedule for the next few weeks.  My schedule looks something like this: attending school, followed by training, followed by having the afternoon starting at 1pm to do other work Mon-Friday until July 24th.  Not bad at all – affords me pretty much a full 8 hours to do my kind of work every day.

What’s My Kind of Work…

The name of the game for me at this stage remains content creation, promotion, sales and marketing. I’ve got Ann – the Confidence Builder, fitness model and Women’s Physique Competitor trio brand to solidify and keep ironing out.  This is why I have a series of photo shoots in the works, and I’m working on partnering with a good videographer to make more videos. Now that I have a Confidence Builder logo; I’m also branding my social networks across the web properly.  All of this has three primary purposes – to attract sponsors, speaking engagements and get people interested in The Loop of Confidence.

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I have not done much at all in the last couple of months with The Loop of Confidence in regards to organizing my content, re-vamping the website, and promoting workshops and courses.  I need to tackle more of that and delicately blend The Confidence Builder into The Loop of Confidence.  I am the confidence builder but my methods come from The Loop of Confidence.  One is a personal brand the other is a business brand.

Needless to say I have a very full plate as usual but all of it is fun and exciting to me!  I really can’t wait to see where things will go!

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