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The Never Give Up Mindset

The Never Give Up Mindset

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I have a tire that is leaking air…it’s been like this for a couple of months now – I really need to bring it somewhere and get it plugged.  I basically have to put air in it every other day.  This morning when I pulled up at the gas station someone was already parked in front of the air machine. I wasn’t sure what his deal was but he never ended up putting air in his tire.

After he left, I pulled up to the machine and I put my first quarter in the slot…nothing happened. Hmmm…I tried a few more times, still nothing. I looked around the machine to make sure everything in the back that should be plugged was plugged and there wasn’t any visible damage.  I looked at the coke machine right next to it – and it had power.

Figured I might as well go in and let the attendant know the machine wasn’t working.  The attendant was a middle aged Asian woman. She said try using 5 quarters…to which I replied “It isn’t taking one quarter, how is it going to take five?”

I went back out and what she meant hit me.  What she meant to say was “try a different quarter”.  I’ve experienced machines not accepting certain dollar bills (haven’t we all) but never a quarter, so although I found the recommendation slightly ridiculous – I needed air and wasn’t about to leave without it. I put a different quarter…nothing. Tried a different one and the machine took it, had to dig out other quarters the machine would accept but 4 special quarters later; I was putting air in my tire.

The guy that pulled up before me gave up.  Machine didn’t work, he scratched his head and left.  Didn’t consider troubleshooting the problem or trying to find a solution; he gave up and I guess drove around until he found another place to get air.

I never give up on anything the first go-round.  Heck, I rarely give up until success is reached. The only time I will “give up” is when God tells me – what I’m trying to do/have/get is not right for me.

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Now, there are times I will “pause” for awhile.  I’ve learned to be more patient and realized sometimes what success needs is time and a break. Sometimes, when you stop trying so hard – things just work themselves out.

You will never know the difference between having to try harder to find a solution or needing to put things on pause unless you start developing a “Never Give Up Mindset”

The way you act/react to small scenarios like the air machine not working the first time lets you know what kind of mindset you possess.

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