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Battling My Achilles Heel: My Legs

Battling My Achilles Heel: My Legs

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I’m two weeks away from stepping on stage again…and it has clearly dawned on me that 19 days is not enough time to make an impact in the areas I need to win the battle with my Achilles Heel: My Legs.  My legs have been and continue to be my weakest body part.  I’m happy and proud of the progress I’ve made with my legs the last few months, but it just hasn’t been enough yet to make me the full package I could be/need to be on stage.

Don’t get me wrong – I will be on stage July 14th with the best package I can bring however, I simply can’t wait to be done competing so I can have a solid 3 months to invest in making more improvements to my legs. My legs are just not as developed and lean as my upper body and it keeps screwing me up. When I have a full upper body, my legs are too soft, and in order to make my legs the leanest they can be right now – it makes my upper body look flat and too lean.

I returned to the gym last Monday for a back workout and although I ate my heart’s desire (remember I thought I was done competing for the year) I found myself dragging in the gym and still feeling flat.  The way my upper body looked and the fact that I was training and not getting a pump de-motivated me so I decided I couldn’t take it anymore – I had to fill my upper body back out.

Since mid-April, I’ve been on basically no supplements – only a thermogenic and multi-vitamin.  On Tuesday, I put creatine, aminos and Nitrix back into my diet. Note for those wondering – I DON’T TAKE STEROIDS. If I did, I wouldn’t be having this problem with my legs.

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Anyway, it didn’t take but a couple of days for my upper body to swell back up and get nice and full, although I’ve been on no carbs for the last 5 days, and my cardio doubled from what I was doing.   Got my round shoulders and thicker back, back. Unfortunately, it also caused me to lose the definition in my legs :-(. It’s a price I’m willing to pay though to have my strength and motivation back in the gym. I’ll get off everything again in about a week and allow peak week to do its thing.

Be warned my dear legs – your hell begins July 15th!!

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