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God Amplifies The Magnitude

Only God would send me in a direction that would make me go “Whoa, alright, I’m not quite prepared for that but you got it!” He does that for two reasons 1.) Because His plan for our lives is bigger than what we can imagine and 2.) Because He wants us to have faith in Him, rely on Him and say “I know I can’t – but with you God, I will”

I took pause when it came to me what God wants me to do although it made perfect sense, and in a way, I had already been saying that.  I took pause because of how He wants me to go about it, starting now. Let me clarify, I have been saying that God anointed me to be a Confidence Builder since age 8, but now, He has clarified that He has called me to do so in order to help spread His Glory and His Word.

God calls people do to great things and to have amazing lives but too often even the most devout Christian says “I can’t”, “I’m too afraid, I will fail”, “I’m not worthy, God must have meant it was for someone else.” They lack self-confidence. Apparently God must be tired of hearing those excuses and having it interfere with the work He wants to do in this world through the many who don’t believe in themselves and therefore fail to fully believe in Him because He’s tasked me with helping those people.

Never before till I heard Him tell me what was next for me would it have occurred to me to go down this road, hence why I took paused.  I myself am just starting to familiarize and study His Word so if I lacked confidence in myself and confidence in Him surely I could have told myself – “I’m not ready” or “May be he doesn’t mean “right, right now””.  But He was pretty clear on the right now.

Although it feels out of my realm/depth in some ways; I do know He has been preparing me for this all my life and very intensely the last couple of years. I hesitated writing this blog post; I prayed on it since you often hear people say to keep your dreams, calling, vision to yourself until it’s further along but God answered – Be YOURSELF. Be Who I created you to be…which means, don’t change the way I’ve been “doing business.”

Admittedly, exactly what I should be doing next isn’t clear other than studying His Word more diligently, work on some new speeches, make some changes to The Loop of Confidence Site and Course and wait patiently for Him to open the doors.  God knows who needs my help; He’ll send them my way!!