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Mission Qualification: In Full Effect

Sitting on a plane from Hartford to Tampa, making my way back to New Orleans from a week in Massachusetts where I enjoyed some quality time with my family and did some work for my older brother.  I can’t believe a week has already gone by since the Camellia Championship and that I’m only 20 days away from the Greater Gulf Championship.

Like I mentioned in my other post, my debut was a blast, a learning experience and a fabulous time.  I’ve received awards in the past, and I’ve won a few things here and there but winning my first competition and becoming Louisiana’s first ever Women’s Physique winner was like nothing I had ever experienced before. All of the pain, hardship, struggles, difficulties, disappointment etc. I’ve experienced in the past made it all that much more valuable to me.  The support and congratulations that came pouring in made me feel so special, loved and cared about. I definitely got a winners welcome from my family at home and that was very awesome!!

Lessons Learned from Debut

I made sure I was well prepared from my debut but at the end of the day; until you’ve actually done something – there’s only so much preparing you can do.  With that being said, I can say I learned a lot from my first competition.

Less Running Around: I did way too much running around on Thursday and Friday.  I did not get to relax much at all.  They were both pretty non-stop days. Now that I know everything I need to do – this time around, I won’t be running around so much and I will definitely make sure I already have all I need the week before.

Posing: Many people told me how different posing on stage would be compared to posing in the mirror and man…were they ever right! Standing there on stage, whether there’s a competitor next to you or not – you feel very alone and obviously exposed. The lights are bright; you really can’t see much of anything at all and all you hear is a little voice giving you directions.  By the time you’ve run the check list in your head of what you need to do for the pose called – the next pose is being called so you can’t be certain you struck the pose the best you could.  There’s of course no time to think about that because you’re going through the checklist for the next pose.

I was not as prepared as I needed to be for the 45 seconds posing at pre-judging.  I also chose to have my hair down and had not practiced moving my hair to properly expose my back.  For the evening show, by the time it was time for me to do my routine I was starting to fade…too hungry and too thirsty.  I had wobbly legs during my routine and was cramping as I was leaving the stage.

There was also the whole changing my music to my routine last minute.  I need to nail down my routine and music right away this time.

On Saturday, I had everything I needed.  I ran into some traffic at 4:30am but still managed to stay on schedule. I was relaxed, ready and excited by the time we were at the athletes meeting before pre-judging.

Head Judge Feedback:  I did not see my score sheet but I did get much needed feedback from the head judge, Luke Tesvich. He said I was hard enough and dry enough, however, I was too lean.  For the next competition, I need to come in with fuller muscles – I could afford to put on a few pounds.  (Something I never thought I would hear). Some additional feedback from his lovely wife Robin was to work on my side chest pose and she recommended pulling my hair back from my face. Both also said I needed to do something about my top…it needs a little stuffing 😉

Mission Qualification Prep

So…based on the feedback from the judges, my coach allowed me to have my sushi and bagel on Sunday after the competition.  He also added the carbs back into my diet.  On Sunday I was already back in the gym hitting some shoulders.  I returned to training heavy – my rep range 8-12; working on continuing to build up my muscles.  The addition of the carbs filled me back out nicely.  I was even allowed a cheat meal yesterday (Friday night) so I chose to go to the Olive Garden.  The extra carbs and fat from my cheat meal made for one heck of a leg training session earlier this morning.

Since there’s only 20 days to the Greater Gulf, no major changes are implemented in my training, supplements or diet.  My final week will obviously be different this time since I won’t have to go so long without carbs and I will get more carbs the day before the show to make sure I do have fuller muscles.

I’m going to keep training hard and I plan on brining an even better physique to the stage on June 22nd.  I know I’ll be going up against some of the same competition and hopefully many others as well and my plan is to keep on winning!!

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  1. Jessica // June 2, 2012 at 6:31 pm //

    So proud of you! I knew that one day you would be doing what you’re doing right now. I’ve gained a few pounds living la bonne vie and it’s time to get back into shape 🙂 thanks for your inspiration!

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