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Thank Goodness I’m Flexing Again

Thank Goodness I’m Flexing Again

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If I told you the last 4 fours day or so I haven’t been in the mood or cared to flex…would you believe me? Probably not based on how much of it I’ve been doing today – but it would be true that the last few days I haven’t cared to flex or look at the progress of my physique.  It was starting to worry me a bit.


Reason to be Concerned

My physique is the best it’s been thus far and the fact that I didn’t care wasn’t good.  Clearly I know it’s because of how tough I’ve been dieting and pushing myself the last few days.  My mood really got that BAD.  Normally when I got in a bad mood from dieting, flexing would cheer me up but not this time.  I knew I had made progress but couldn’t be bothered to give a two…

Not Vain Enough?!?

This is going to sound like another insane confession but I actually asked myself if perhaps I wasn’t vain enough to go all the way/be good in this sport. Let’s be real about it – you gotta have a certain level of vanity and self-centeredness to excel in bodybuilding.  I don’t mean this in a bad way…yes, some take it WAY too far, but if you are going to do well in this sport you pretty much have to know every single inch of your body in great detail…that’s how you observe progress, critique yourself and constantly improve. So if you get tired of looking at yourself – it’s a problem.

It never occurred to me either that I would get tired of looking at the results my hard work was producing. I suppose it’s like all shiny new toys and achievements – eventually, it just becomes the everyday ordinary.

Alright, I know some folks hate me right now and I apologize.  I just reached a point where eating some carbs became more appealing than tighter and firmer glutes! We’re all allowed some crazy talk!

Anyways, it seems to have past.  Getting a brand new rigor and excitement for my upcoming competition now!!  Back to spending time in front of the mirror and with my camera…phew, potential crisis avoided!

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