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Misery By Choice. Quit Whining.

Misery By Choice. Quit Whining.

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I can’t stand hearing myself whine or complain…especially about something I’m doing BY CHOICE. I mostly only hear myself in my head since I rarely verbalize my true pathetic sounding thoughts. I normally catch them before they escape my lips but the more carb depleted and hungry I’ve become; the more my thoughts have been hard to control. Been cussing more as well which is a nasty behavior.

Today I reminded myself that this is NOT the most uncomfortable and miserable I’ve been in my life and I’m this way because of a goal I’ve set so – ZIP IT.  It’s made me realize how soft I’ve grown over the last couple of years.  Sad.

I’ve been more tired before however, this is the hungriest over the longest period of time I’ve ever been.  It’s incredible how powerful the feeling of hunger is…of course in about 3 days I’m going to be reminded how much more powerful the power of feeling thirsty is…

I have definitely been generally speaking more uncomfortable…boot camp, OCS, Iraq and other deployments all come to mind.  Besides my hunger, bad mood and the two hours a day of cardio, what’s been bothering me the most this time around is my general lack of productivity. I don’t have the energy or patience to be productive but I do have the desire to be more productive than what I’ve been.

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I’m truly ready to get qualified this weekend so I can shift my focus to some other aspects of my life.  I have many other goals I want to accomplish – it’s high time to nail this goal to the board and move on the next ones.


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