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Next Three Months: Time to Grow

Next Three Months: Time to Grow

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Many women dread the “offseason”/growing aspect of the competition cycle.  I wasn’t too sure how I was going feel about it either but if the last two days are an indication of what I’m going to look like and feel like – I’m going to LOVE IT!!

I stuffed myself Saturday night and Sunday.  Monday I got back on my diet, the one that includes carbs and had some additional fruits as well. I went to the gym to do a light back and chest workout and some cardio. I’m always sluggish getting back into my training after a competition.  The food hangover zaps my energy and I just don’t get back in there at 100% the first day.  But even after a light workout – my body was all swollen up from the food and I looked huge.

Today, I’ve stayed clean with my diet and returned to the gym with more energy.  I did a medium intensity shoulder workout and the pump was insane!!

I do miss the lean, hard and cut look but I am plenty okay with the full, big and vascular look I’m sporting right now.  It’s somewhat scary looking to be honest.  I can also feel my strength returning, more specifically, I can push through some extra reps again vice having my muscles completely give out on me.

I’m going to finish out this week picking up the intensity in the gym at a controlled pace and going to stay off all supplements.  I’ll start supplementing again next week and figure out my training splits and methodology for the next few weeks to make the most gains.

My main goal is to even out my lower and upper body.  I must put on more mass on my legs in order to lean them down to the same level as my upper body.

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I really look forward to seeing the progress I’ll be making!

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