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Next Two Weeks Diet

Next Two Weeks Diet

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I went and did some grocery shopping a bit ago and decided to post a picture of the type of food I am delighted to be eating in the next 12 days…before I turn the reigns back to my coach.  I’m 16 weeks away from Nationals and I plan on getting started back up with Shelby August 1st.

You’ll see in there some greek yogurt, granola, lots of fruits, veggies and frozen veggies like cauliflower and peas. I love to make cauliflower mash – just nuke a bag of cauliflower, spray some I can’t believe it’s not butter on there and put it all in the “magic bullet” and voila…a very delicious side dish I can’t have during prep.  Peas are also too high in carbs when in prep – it’s one of the few green veggies I can’t have.  I really like having tilapia with peas.

I also can’t wait to put some feta cheese, spinach and tomatoes in an omelet.  The sweet potatoes go well with really any protein like chicken or red meat. It’s going to be a treat to put half a banana into my protein shake again and back off from the protein pudding for a little while.

I still need to go get my proteins which will consist of beef, chicken, tilapia and perhaps even some salmon.

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Having all this yummy, yet very healthy, balance and good for me food is going to boost my metabolism, keep my taste buds satisfied and eliminate the need to have cheat meals. The fruits will prevent sugar cravings and the balance of complex carbs and the protein will keep me feeling well satiated.  Although I’m sure I’ll be having some sushi once or twice in the next two weeks. Point being though, that I will not be depriving myself of the foods I love.  Of course it really doesn’t hurt that the foods I love are fruits and veggies!

Eating this way will also improve my mood and increase my productivity.  I don’t foresee gaining much weight…but we’ll see.

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