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The Process of Coping with OffSeason

The Process of Coping with OffSeason

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I was all about getting full again…at first. Now it’s starting to get a little more difficult – particularly when my newsfeed is full of top notch women’s physique competitors’ pictures and updates as they are about to step on stage in Las Vegas for the USAs. Part of me wish I could simply shut off following their progress and looking at their updates but I can’t – for one, many have become friends and I do want to know how they do and do wish them the absolute best.  Second, I run the Women’s Physique group on Facebook so not taking part of the community I have already invested so much into is not an option. Third, being in an offseason is part of the process and a part worth embracing with the same enjoyment as the days before stepping on stage.

No Playing Comparison Games

I also know a few competitors prepping for Nationals – many are looking much leaner and harder than I am, but I know better than to compare myself to anyone else.  This is my first mini offseason so I have NO past experience to compare myself to myself. I’m very disappointed by how quickly my six-pack vanished, since I had been sporting a six-pack for so long…but now I know it might be one of the first thing to go!!

Although not playing a comparison game – I do think and believe it is better to have the fuller, rounder and bigger look in the offseason because it does mean I’m adding on size which is my goal. I have no idea how I will lean out this go round but that is part of the mystery and actually one of the most fun and best part of this sport!

Offseaon Photo Shoot…ARG!

Because of the tempo I was keeping between competing and school – there are many scheduled and planned photo shoots I wasn’t able to do.  I still want to work with all of those amazing photographers and I’m blessed they still want to work with me.  One said photographer, hit me up on Facebook to make sure I hadn’t forgotten about him and it so happens he will be in New Orleans this weekend.  While writing him a list of excuses, it hit me I needed to get over myself and simply get a shoot with him done.  It’s good to work with a photographer on multiple occasions so what if I’m not in “ideal condition” – we’ll work together again and be better acquainted next time.

Then I debated on how much I could do to improve my physique in a short amount of time – like cut carbs for a couple of days (bring back some abs) which then lead me to be clear about one thing: A photo shoot is not worth hindering the progress I need to make for Nationals.

August 1st – Turning the Reigns Back Over to my Coach

One thing is for certain – I am REALLY looking forward to turning the reigns back over to my coach; that is to the new IFBB Pro Shelby Starnes. (So excited and proud of him for earning his Pro Card). It’s been nice the last two weeks to be on my own program however, I am starting to wonder if I’ve screwed things up and set myself back by taking those two weeks into my own hands – I’m sure based on the initial diet he puts me on; I’ll get my answer.

My weight last week reached 127 – that’s 10 pounds more than my weight before cutting down the last few days before a competition.  I’ve been competing at 115.

I’m now at 123 and I keep saying I want to be at 120 before I have to send Shelby a new set of pictures but I don’t want to cut my calories to get there.  The key to dieting is the health of your metabolism. When I have more carbs now, my body heat increases which lets me know my metabolism is kicking again and that’s how it needs to stay.

All that to basically say, if I’m 120 August 1st, I am – if not, I’ m not. Much like the photo shoot, no point packing on pressure to have a certain look for my coach in order to somehow not give him the wrong impression of what I’ve been up to (for realz – I have not been stuffing myself) or feel like he will be disappointed in me.

If I got off track – he’s going to swing me right back on it and because I haven’t been so strict on myself it’s going to be much easier to follow his new diet plan for me.

I’m learning as I go and I’m coping as I go based on the priorities I have established for myself. Happiness if heavily based on having realistic expectations and an understanding of what is reasonable and what isn’t.

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    • Thank you Elizabeth! Really appreciate you ready and commenting in my posts. I have always worked hard to be and stay fully honest with myself and others. It makes everything so much better.

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