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Meeting my Writing Goals

Meeting my Writing Goals

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I have always been overly ambitious; well about many things, but without a doubt about my abilities to “pump out” pages – each and every time I have started a book.  I’m apparently quite good at underestimating how much harder it is to write something specific vice writing when inspired to get a point, story or thoughts across.  None the less, I have set a daily writing goal and I will hold my feet to the fire to meet it.

Writing Goal

My writing goal is no less than 10 pages a day starting today to have my e-book complete no later than August 15th.  I want you to be able to download my book, appropriately titled “Develop and Flex Your Confidence Muscles” by August 18th.

So far I have organized all of the content I already have according to what chapter it belongs to.  I have also basically finished the introduction. The e-book with the introduction will probably have eight chapters; at least that’s how I have it setup now.

Not going overboard with how much content to include or how deeply to get into any given aspect of the book will likely be the bigger challenge.

Self-Discipline to Get it Done

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There are a few key factors to getting any goals achieved but none is more critical than self-discipline.  Doesn’t matter how much you love or want your goal – at some point all you’ll have to get the work done is your self-discipline. Thankfully, between school and dieting – my self-discipline levels have increased and there’s more for me to tap into…while you deplete your availability of self-discipline it’s also how you acquire more. But this isn’t a post on self-discipline and writing a post on self-discipline would be stalling (procrastination tool) and I know all this because of my excellent self-awareness.  LOL! For the record, I did talk this way before officially getting my psych degree 🙂

7 pages to go today (counting single spaced pages) – so gotta run!!

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