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How I Came To Understand The Word of God

Back in mid-2008 I was broke; facing foreclosure on my townhouse (eventually did foreclose) and was getting nowhere with investors for WhyGoSolo. I was in a bad place and needed to make some tough decisions.

One afternoon, in the parking lot of the Lakeridge Gold’s Gym, a guy I knew from the gym gave me a small prayer book called God’s Creative Power by Charles Capps.  He knew I was facing some tough times and the book he was now passing on to me had helped him get through many tough times in his own life. I was hesitant to take the book from him but did. I thought to myself “I have already been calling out to God and nothing seems to change.”  The insanity of having that thought as someone was reaching out to me to help didn’t dawn on me for YEARS.

Although hesitant to accept the book, I turned to it right away.  I read it and started saying the prayers…for almost 4 years I prayed the prayers in the book however, their meaning only started making sense to me about 6-9 months ago.

If you’re wondering “How can that be?” than you will want to follow the blog series I’m starting to cover the answer to that question. The short answer is that I didn’t have a relationship with God forged through His Son – Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and therefore was oblivious to the meaning and truth of The Word of God.

I grew up Catholic.  I was baptized as a child.  I did my First Communion along with my classmates (this was in Canada) and my Confirmation at the church we joined after moving to Massachusetts. As soon as my parents stopped making me go to church – I stopped going.  I learned the “story” of Jesus but never connected to it; never understood the true meaning of his life and death.

As a young adult and grown-up, I started considering myself more spiritual than religious and I certainly didn’t affiliate myself to any religious denomination.  If someone asked me “Do you believe in God?” I would say “yes”. I prayed to God…and I definitely blamed Him for all of my struggles and hardships. I often got angry at Him.

I read self-help books by Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer and the like – they made references to God and scriptures so this was the extent of my relationship with God and understanding of His Word. That is until I was given God’s Creative Power that afternoon in the parking lot by someone who perhaps knew or may be didn’t fully realize was changing my life forever – it would just take a few years for it to happen.

The author writes from Romans 10:17 “As you make these daily confessions, you may feel as if they are not true, but faith comes by hearing the Word of God, hearing yourself saying what God said about you.” He goes on to say “Faith will come and one day you will wake up and feel rich even though you may not have a dollar in your pocket. Your feelings with fall in line with the Word of God.”

I want to note that it isn’t because I “grew up” Catholic that I didn’t develop a relationship with God or understand His Word until later in life. Plenty of Christians have yet to develop/create a true relationship with God. It’s not the denomination that builds the relationship but it’s actually actively building the relationship with God and coming to understand and live what is written in the Bible.

Reading the Word of God in God’s Creative Power is what got me prepared to listen when Joyce Meyer came on T.V. every morning during my cardio sessions. At first I would listen for a few and get mad at what she was saying; I felt I lived my life how she was saying yet NOTHING was changing/happening. However, since I had been reading what she was talking about for the last four years over and over again – I made myself listen. It wasn’t so much what she was saying that started to change my life but rather my willingness to finally and truly allow God into my life because of what she was saying and the sharing of her life experiences.

As soon as I allowed God into my life; He went to work!! He started teaching me, changing me, sending me all kinds of relief, strength, joy, peace and answers. As I continued to say my prayers from God’s Creative Power – the truth and understanding began to astonish me.  I bought and started reading the New Testament and continued to pursue more knowledge and understanding. Once you start to know God; you naturally want to know more and you also naturally want to share with others.

With that being said, once a week for the next few weeks I’m going to pick one of the prayers from the book God’s Creative Power and discuss what event(s) in my life finally made the prayer/scripture it comes from make sense to me. Perhaps it can help have it make sense in your life and teach you how to apply it in developing your personal relationship with God.

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  1. michael // July 20, 2012 at 9:58 am //

    i totally get what you’re saying — it’s an epiphany that’s hard to explain, like those “magic” pictures made up of seemingly random shapes and colors, but which suddenly come into focus when you stand at just the right distance and you see something remarkable.

    you really have to get the “i” out of the relationship for it to work; it’s not about “me” and “my” expectations and needs…

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